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How to match leather leggings without making mistakes

How to match leather leggings

Leather leggings are a must-have, but how to combine them without making a mistake? Let's find out now!

Comfortable but also sexy, leather leggings are that must-have item that we absolutely cannot give up. They are practical, seem to go with everything and can be worn both on important occasions and every day without going overboard. But how to best match them to avoid making style mistakes ? Let's find out together how to combine leather leggings!

How to match leather leggings?

How to match leather leggings
How to match leather leggings

Long shirt. A long shirt that falls below the B-side, heeled ankle boots and leather leggings: the perfect outfit to be elegant but without going overboard!

Blazer. Always to stay on the "office" theme, even the blazer, if cropped even better, can give life to a wonderful look.

Striped T-Shirt. Simple but effective, as the striped t-shirt with leggings also goes perfectly with a pair of décolleté! A sexy and refined office look.

Leather jacket. Combined with a white t-shirt and a leather jacket, they can be perfect for a rock look and for everyday wear. A particular style, but at the same time also very charming!

girl leather jacket bralette leather pants
leather jacket and leather leggings

Sweatshirts. For a sporty, practical and perfect style also to stay fashionable: the sweatshirt goes perfectly with leather leggings and a pair of sneakers!

Oversized sweaters. If the temperatures are low enough, leggings with an oversized sweater are the perfect look for going to the office too.

leather leggings and sweater
leather leggings and sweater

Trench. One of the most beautiful combinations for mid-season: black leggings, white turtleneck and camel trench coat!

From square heels to ankle boots. As far as shoes are concerned, however, as we have already seen, leggings seem to go well with (almost) everything. However, there are some models to avoid because they completely ruin the look and we are talking about wedges, flip flops and flat sandals. Better to prefer sports shoes if we want to keep it simple, otherwise ankle boots, décolleté, square heels and oxfords are just fine!

Leather leggings and heels
Leather leggings and heels

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