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How to prepare gluten-free puff pastry: ideal for many recipes

Gluten-free puff pastry

Let's find out together how to prepare an excellent homemade gluten-free puff pastry, in a short time and perfectly puffed.

Following a gluten-free diet involves sacrifices, especially with regard to flour-based preparations . In fact, it is not always possible to replace the classic 00 flour with rice flour or other gluten-free cereals. In fact, we know that it is the latter that gives the dough the right elasticity to be worked. That's why today we prepare the gluten-free puff pastry recipe together.

It's true, preparing the pastry is quite complex and the gluten-free one is certainly no different. However, it allows you to obtain a healthier product than that of the supermarket and containing less starch. Let's find out together how to prepare puff pastry for celiacs.

Gluten-free puff pastry
Gluten-free puff pastry

How to make gluten free puff pastry recipe

  1. First, take the butter and place it wrapped in foil in the coldest part of the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Alternatively, 15/20 minutes in the freezer will be enough.
  2. Put the flour in a bowl after having sifted it well, then grate the stick of butter with a large-hole grater. To prevent it from sticking to the metal you can lightly flour it.
  3. Mix well with a spoon, avoid your hands because the heat could compromise the final result. Then start adding the very cold water , always mixing with a spoon.
  4. Then transfer everything onto a well-floured work surface and quickly give it the shape of a loaf. Wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it in the refrigerator for an hour .
  5. At this point, flour the work surface well and roll out the dough giving it a shape as rectangular as possible. The ideal thickness is 3 mm.
  6. Now bring the right flap so that the side coincides with the center, then do the same operation with the left one. Now close like a book by bringing the left side to the right.
  7. These are the classic puff pastry folds. You will have to repeat them 4 times . You don't need to let the dough rest in the refrigerator between each fold.
  8. However, if you notice that the butter begins to melt, then put it in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic wrap for half an hour.

Before using the puff pastry for your gluten-free savory pies, let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour . Try it to prepare a delicious quiche lorraine !

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