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How to protect hair from salt in a simple and natural way

hair girl

Let's find out how to protect hair from salt in an economical and completely natural way.

Like every summer, one of the main problems related to the days to spend at the beach is how to protect the hair from the saltiness. Salt and sun, in fact, in the long run, end up ruining the structure of the hair , leading to a dull hair with an often burnt appearance.
Fortunately, this problem can be countered in a simple and natural way and thanks to the use of specific products that act directly on the hair, protecting it.

Natural remedies to protect hair by the sea

The first thing to do when getting ready for days of sun and sea is to take care of your hair in a preventive way.

hair girl
hair girl

To do this, it is important to avoid subjecting the hair to dyes, colors or excessive use of a straightener and hairdryer. Doing so will naturally keep your hair healthier. Once at the beach it is always good to protect them with hats or scarves in order to avoid direct contact with the sun.

After swimming in the sea it is also advisable to take a shower immediately in order to eliminate excess salt from the hair. To all this you can add natural products able to improve the structure, thus reducing the damage caused by days at sea.

What are the products to protect the hair at the sea

Once you have established the tricks to put in place to prevent damage from the sun and salt, it is important to know that there are also natural products that are able to make a difference.

One of these is the flaxseed gel which applied to the hair protects and nourishes it in order to provide it with the moisture lost due to the sun and the sea. Aloe vera gel also has the same benefits and is therefore useful for the purpose. In the absence of these, you can also benefit from the use of extra virgin olive oil which, as it is rich in vitamin E, is able to nourish and protect the hair at the same time, preventing it from being damaged more than necessary.

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