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How to put the lip pencil correctly

lip pencil

Find out how to put the lip pencil in order to make it a true ally of your beauty. Tips to follow and what you should never do.

When it comes to make, one of the most common questions is how to put the lip pencil. Its importance is in fact often overshadowed by the use of lipstick which, although useful, cannot replace the lip pencil. So let’s find out everything there is to know about it.

How to put the pencil on the lips

Let’s start with the basics, or how to best make up your lips with the help of a pencil.

lip pencil
lip pencil

This, in fact, should always be applied to a well cleansed and hydrated mouth. Otherwise, the risk is to dry the lips, resulting in a chapped and unpleasant to see effect .
Having said that, it will be enough to spread the same along the contour if you want to fix some asymmetry or to give volume. Alternatively, you can choose to use the lip pencil as a lipstick. To do this, after having outlined the edges of the lips, they must be filled with a pencil, possibly following the natural folds of the mouth. This way the pencil will replace or base the lipstick.

For those who, at this point, had doubts about the lip pencil and what it is for, the answer is therefore simple. It can be used to correct and to replace lipstick. Alternatively, there are also ways to use the lip pencil to bring out the lipstick, just apply it as a base and apply a slightly lighter and perhaps shinier lipstick in the center of the lips.

Lip pencil: mistakes to avoid

Obviously when using the pencil it is important to learn to avoid some blunders. The first is to enlarge the lips beyond the limit, thus going out of their natural margins . In this way, once the lipstick has run out, you run the risk of being left with only the edge of the pencil which would give an unpleasant and very different effect from the desired one.

Another mistake regarding the lip pencil is which one to choose. Better to avoid shades too far from that of your lips. Going on the same tones will in fact avoid an artifact effect giving the smile greater harmony .

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