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How to recycle chocolate from leftover Easter eggs?

Chocolate Easter eggs

Recycling leftover Easter eggs is a smart choice. Here's what we can do with all that chocolate: we offer you some easy and delicious recipes!

Have our children received many Easter eggs this holiday season and do we need to find a way to reuse them? Obviously we can eat a little as a treat after lunch or dinner, but often this is not enough and therefore we have to invent some delicious recipes to recycle leftover Easter eggs.

In many cases it is enough to melt the chocolate or break it into pieces and add it to the preparation of desserts , which you can then consume for breakfast or as a snack. If you're running out of ideas, however, let's see together the best recipes with leftover Easter eggs!

How to recycle Easter eggs? 5 chocolate recipes

Recycling Easter eggs obviously involves the preparation of truly delicious desserts: from cake to muffins … let's see them together!

The recipe for homemade Nutella

Homemade Nutella
Homemade Nutella

As a first recipe, we recommend making homemade spreadable hazelnut cream : you will have to melt the chocolate, add some milk and some toasted hazelnuts. Just blend it all together, then place it in jars and it can be stored for months: homemade Nutella will be snapped up!

For some more ideas we also leave you 10 recipes with Nutella : this way you will always find an original way to enjoy your homemade chocolate spread!

Cake with leftover chocolate Easter eggs

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

You can also opt for the tenerina cake , the one with the crunchy crust and the soft centre . To prepare it you need a lot of melted chocolate, preferably dark, some beaten egg whites, butter and flour. In addition to being quick and easy to prepare, it is also really delicious and excellent to serve as a snack or as a dessert after a dinner with friends.

You can also consider making it in a single portion : the recipe is practically the same as the chocolate cakes with a creamy centre .

In any case, if you love chocolate cakes, here are 10 different recipes for you: making desserts with leftover Easter eggs has never been so simple !

How to make chocolate tart

Chocolate tart
Chocolate tart

You can also make a chocolate tart , with a classic cocoa shortcrust pastry base and then fill it with a melted chocolate-based cream . Start combining butter, sugar, eggs and flour for the pastry; while this rests, make a cream with milk, chocolate and a little flour (which is needed just to thicken). Put everything in the oven and… enjoy your meal!

The chocolate muffin recipe

Chocolate muffins
Chocolate muffins

Chocolate muffins are also really fantastic (as well as ideal for a children's snack) and to make them you will use a lot of chocolate which is needed either melted, for the dough or in pieces, instead of the classic drops.

Or, those with a sweet tooth can also make Bounty , the classic snacks with a coconut heart and covered in milk (or dark) chocolate. And if that wasn't enough, we leave you with 10 chocolate-based recipes : have fun and enjoy your meal!

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