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How to remove cuticles easily and painlessly


Understanding how to remove cuticles correctly is not always easy. Let's find out what are the tips to follow.

Being able to understand how to remove the cuticles from the fingers is the first step for a perfect manicure and able to make the hands appear slender. The cuticles, in fact, are often aesthetically not very pleasant to see, risking redness or ruining the final effect of the enamel. A problem that can be avoided by learning to remove cuticles correctly and without running the risk of hurting yourself . A step that must be done without haste and with the right care and all through a series of important steps to follow.

How to prepare your hands for cuticle removal

Even before acting on the cuticles it is very important to clean the nails thoroughly, remove the nail polish and immerse them in hot water for 15 minutes .


The water should contain soap, olive oil (useful for softening them) and lemon.
After the time has elapsed, you will have to dry your fingers and pass them some sugar mixed with oil to obtain an exfoliating effect .

In this way, understanding how to cut nail cuticles will be easier and at the same time it will be done without pain.

How to get rid of cuticles in the right way

Once the hands and in particular the cuticles have been prepared, it is important to act with a specific stick for this operation, thus starting to remove skin from the nails.
To do this, just apply a removal cream on them, let it act for a few minutes and pass the stick to push them back. Once this is done, just rub them lightly with a nail blade and remove the excess.

At this stage it is important to act calmly so as not to cause wounds in the area and not to make the part too red. Finally you will have to switch to the cuticle oil to be applied on the fingers in order to help the irritated part to recover quickly from the trauma.

If you want, if you really don't like the idea of ​​completely removing the cuticles, you can always use the special stick to lower them as much as possible. By squeezing them well, in fact, the cuticles will not be very visible and the nails will appear more slender.

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