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How to swell your lips naturally: skincare is essential

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How to swell lips naturally? There are several remedies worth trying, but daily skincare is key.

The mouth, even if many neglect it, needs daily skincare . Without this step it is impossible to have healthy and, above all, fuller lips. Let's see how to inflate the lips in a natural way and what are the fundamental daily steps.

How to swell your lips naturally: the most effective treatments

Having full lips is everyone's dream, both women and men, especially those who have thin lips. Fortunately, there is not only cosmetic surgery to plump up the mouth, but there are also some effective natural remedies. First of all, it is good to take care of the lips every day, going to hydrate them and stimulate circulation. In this way the signs of aging and the loss of water from the tissues are contrasted and the production ofcollagen is stimulated.

Without a doubt, daily mouth skincare is essential , so don't think you can get good results by skipping it. Once a week, don't forget the scrub made with a teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of brown sugar. Important recommendation: apply the mixture to wet lips and massage gently for at least 3 minutes.

Having clarified this, let's see how to inflate the lips without surgery. The first indispensable product is the balm which must be based on shea butter , hyaluronic acid and vegetable oils. These ingredients allow you to have a real pink mouth, with full and soft lips. You can also make one at home if you want. You need shea butter, castor oil and beeswax, to be mixed in equal parts in the dose of 3 grams.

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Full lips in a natural way: pay attention to the ingredients

To have full lips in a natural way you can also play with makeup . A lip pencil and lipstick of a lighter shade are essential to plump up. Facial gymnastics is also important. All you have to do is apply a balm and stand in front of the mirror pronouncing the vowels 5 times in a row, lingering above all on the O. If you don't have particularly sensitive skin, you can also use mint or chilli oil, massaging it directly on the area affected for about three minutes.

After having seen how to plump the lips, it is necessary to reiterate that not all ingredients , even if natural, are valid for every person. Chili pepper and mint, as already pointed out, can create an allergic reaction, so before using them test them on the wrist or on the epidermis near the ear.

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