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How to wear makeup at 30: celeb make-up to inspire you and the must-have beauty products

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Perfect casual make-up for every day but also for special occasions, let's find out what is the perfect make-up to do at 30

Makeup at 30 is a mix of fun , experimentation but also a handful of awareness that allows us to understand when, how and if to dare. We have certainly learned how to make up our face by paying attention to some crucial points of our make up such as essential skin care for a good face base that is worth 50% of the beauty of our make up, the choice of colors suitable for our skin and our eyes, but let's always give ourselves the opportunity to play, perhaps testing new products that give us different beauty effects than the usual ones we choose. At 30 we can do it, also to reach and consolidate further awareness or perhaps discover something new about ourselves.

Makeup at 30: how to do everyday makeup

At 30 our life is busy, crackling, whatever the commitments on our agenda, from family to work. However, let's never forget to carve out moments for ourselves on a daily basis: the make-up moment is definitely one of those. Knowing the products that are right for us and that we can choose every day is what allows us to create an effective, effective make-up in a short time. We simply need to value ourselves but with simplicity.

Cleansing and hydrating the skin first of all, as soon as you wake up in the morning and then the choice is yours whether to go directly to the indispensable concealer or stop on the foundation. To optimize times, bbcream or a moisturizing foundation are always the best solution, so as to replace the moisturizer and be ready for make-up.

For an everyday make-up, it is better to choose soft colors: nude, rosé, beige, brown , they are nuances to be considered basic for a daily make-up . Enhance small dots with color, as we often see Chiara Ferragni do, who always allows herself a little highlighter in order not to give up on the wow effect. If, on the other hand, you want to be as simple as possible, with excellent facial care at the age of 30 you can dare by focusing everything on the gaze, like Matilda De Angelis who entrusts her magnetism entirely to mascara .

Evening make-up at 30: dare harmoniously with colors

Special occasions, events or simply an evening to relax: the desire for an unusual, effective make-up that won't let you go unnoticed is a constant. Surely it's the right time to be daring, experimenting with eyeliner for example, the important thing is always to balance .

For example, you can combine a particularly volumizing mascara and a thin eyeliner that refines the gaze with a bright eyeshadow that gives you a slightly alien effect or use an effective smokey eye like Valentina Ferragni by mixing two dark nuances. Glam and sexy . Craving for something quirky? Among the latest beauty trends, that of the graphic eyeliner has exploded, perfect to combine with a make-up that also focuses on the lips, focusing on a classic crimson-effect red or on an impactful nude, even better if enhanced by a lip pencil .

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