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Hydrogen peroxide on teeth: what you need to know

white teeth

The use of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth is quite common but, at the same time, it raises several questions. Let's find out what function it has and whether it is advisable to use it.

When we talk about using hydrogen peroxide on the teeth, we mean applying this remedy to get whiter teeth. In theory, this is a whitening method that many consider natural. And this even if, according to some, it can be dangerous in the long run. In fact, hydrogen peroxide, if ingested or applied to the mouth, can be harmful to health . So here's everything you need to know about it before using hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth.

Is it true that hydrogen peroxide on your teeth hurts?

It is true that whitening teeth with oxygen peroxide is a practice normally used by the dentist. It is also true that buying hydrogen peroxide at the pharmacy and using it is a completely different matter.

white teeth
white teeth

In fact, it is a question of different dosages and of an application which, if done in complete safety at the dentist, can involve risks at home.

For example, it is risky to ingest it or keep it in the mouth for too long and this even if it is true that this product is useful both for whitening tooth enamel and for eliminating stains such as those of nicotine. For these reasons, it is preferable not to use it as a do-it -yourself remedy, preferring other remedies or choosing the whitening techniques applied by the dentist during tooth cleaning.

What methods to use to get white teeth

A white and stain-free tooth enamel is the result of many small precautions ranging from always brushing your teeth, rinsing with decoctions and whitening products, from not drinking too much coffee to avoiding cigarette smoke whose nicotine has an yellowing.

Having said that, there are natural remedies which, unlike hydrogen peroxide, are useful and less risky. Among the many we remember baking soda, sage and lemon juice.
All home remedies and rather cheap which, once put into practice, can help your teeth go white again and lose those stains that risk making them unsightly.

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