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Hyperinsulinemia: what it is and how to recognize it

blood values

Hyperinsulinemia is a condition of high insulin in the blood. Let's find out what it entails and how to cure it.

When we talk about hyperinsulinemia we mean an extreme insulin value found through blood tests . It is a condition that, based on high insulin levels, can be more or less dangerous and that, in general, is characteristic of those suffering from insulin resistance, type II diabetes or diabetes mellitus.
If a minimal excess of insulin can be easily controlled through diet and other protocols studied ad hoc on a case-by-case basis, pharmacological intervention may be necessary in more serious situations. Here, then, is what there is to know about this pathology.

Hyperinsulinemia: the symptoms to recognize

When you suffer from high insulin, the symptoms are not always easily recognizable and the problem of high basal insulin is often found only through blood tests designed for other reasons.

blood values
blood values

However, in more severe cases, symptoms such as sweating , excessive fatigue, sweating, fainting and, in very extreme cases, coma can occur. This is all due to the collapse in blood sugar that is created in response to high insulin.

A problem that should therefore not be underestimated in any case. More generally, in fact, even a minor condition in the long run can lead to problems such as obesity , sodium retention, and high triglycerides due to an increase in hepatic synthesis.

How to treat high blood insulin

To effectively treat high insulin it is necessary, first of all, to understand what are the causes that have triggered it. If caused by insulin resistance, for example, you can act with a targeted diet associated with physical activity. While, in more serious cases, it may be necessary to take specific medications or undergo surgery.

Since the underlying causes of this problem can be different, the first thing to do is to carry out several tests in order to recognize them and take stock of the situation by discovering the extent of the problem and possible solutions. In addition to the general practitioner, there are specialized centers that can help in these circumstances.

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