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Hypotonic: an adjective for two fields, which always indicates a decrease

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What does the term hypotonic mean? Adjective used in the medical or chemical fields, in both cases it indicates a decrease.

An organ, or part of it, is called hypotonic when it loses its normal tone. This, at least, in the medical field. In chemistry, however, the adjective indicates a decrease in osmotic pressure. In both fields, therefore, the term emphasizes a reduction of something.

Hypotonic: the meaning of the adjective

The adjective hypotonic indicates, in the medical field, the reduction of the tone of an organ or part of it, such as the hypotonic muscle or the hypotonic gallbladder. The technical term with which these pathologies are indicated – the plural is a must because it embraces various problems – is hypotonia . Going deeper into the subject, this condition indicates impaired control of motor nerves by the brain or muscle strength. There are several symptoms of hypotonia, a term that in itself already indicates one. We have:

  • lack of muscle strength, especially in the limbs, with difficulty in grasping objects;
  • difficulty walking and frequent falls;
  • reduction of reflexes;
  • assuming an incorrect posture;
  • difficulty in speaking;
  • spasmodic muscle contraction;
  • muscle atrophy.

Hypotonia can lead to major skeletal problems, such asscoliosis or lordosis. At the base of this problem there can be several serious diseases, such as ALS, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Finally, the term hypotonic can also be used in the chemical field, to indicate a solution which, compared to another, has less osmotic pressure.

From the hypotonic child to the hypotonic stomach

The hypotonic child , or floppy child syndrome, manifests a real inability to sustain postural control. It should be emphasized that this condition, when due to premature birth, can be temporary and resolve when the musculoskeletal system reaches 'maturity'. If, on the other hand, it is not caused by a sudden birth and there are no major pathologies, the hypotonia is defined as benign. Even in this case, however, it should resolve itself over time.

The hypotonic stomach , as well as in all other organs, indicates a reduction in muscle tone. This problem involves an enormous difficulty in digesting. The food assimilation process, even when it comes to light foods, can take a long time, even 6/7 hours.

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