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Ice, coffee and almond milk… for a fabulous Leccese coffee!

Coffee from Lecce

Lecce coffee perfectly combines the toasted taste of coffee with the sweetness of almond milk, it must be enjoyed very cold. Let's see the recipe.

This is how they taste coffee in Lecce and Salento, or rather, how they prepare it on hot summer days. We assure you, however, that it is excellent all year round ! It is prepared with hot coffee, added to cold almond milk and ice. The almond milk you buy is almost always already sweetened, sometimes even heavily sweetened. Adjust, therefore, in dosing this ingredient, according to your tastes.

Coffee from Lecce
Coffee from Lecce

Preparation of Lecce coffee

  1. If you can, put the glasses in which you will prepare the Lecce coffee in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes. Pour three or four ice cubes into the glass, which must be transparent and colourless. Adjust according to their size, if large, even one might be enough.
  2. Pour a finger , or according to taste, of very cold almond milk into the glass.
  3. Prepare the coffee with the mocha and pour it slowly into the glasses.
  4. Bring to the table in a saucer with a teaspoon. Before enjoying it, it must be turned by mixing the coffee with the almond milk.
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Of course, don't add any more sugar. The ideal is to present it with well separated layers of almond milk and coffee and you can prepare it both with pods and with the classic mocha. Very important: Apulian coffee with ice and almond milk must be served in a perfectly transparent glass. If you feel the need, you can also prepare it with decaffeinated coffee.

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Consume this typical Salento drink at the moment and you will not regret it.

History of Lecce coffee

Lecce coffee was created in the mid-1900s in Lecce by the Quarta family roasters in their bar, La casa del caffè. They added freshly picked ice and almond milk to the coffee. At that time, almond milk was made with almonds and sugar dissolved in water. According to another version, Lecce-style coffee with ice originated in Spain, Valencia to be precise, and arrived in Salento at the beginning of the 1600s . It was called cafe del tiempo and was served with a slice of lemon.

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