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If you love meat, Florentine steak is for you

Florentine steak

Florentine steak is a delicious and perfect dish to prepare for a dinner with friends or family: let's discover the recipe together.

The recipe for Florentine steak is apparently simple, but in reality there are several rules for preparing it to perfection and bringing to the table a dish that fully respects tradition .

In short, to cook this grilled steak you need to pay close attention to the raw materials , cooking, times and other precautions. Don't worry, today we will explain everything to you and at the end of this article you will be able to prepare a perfect Florentine steak! Let's get started right away .

Florentine steak
Florentine steak

How to cook Florentine steak on the grill

From the meat to the cooking method, let's see a list of useful tips and advice to best ennoble this fantastic meat .

  1. Meat . It may seem banal, but it all starts with quality: get a good cut, matured well and at least 4-5 cm thick. The cut of the Florentine steak is the veal loin (i.e. fillet, sirloin and bone all together in a single cut), while the maturation consists in preserving the meat in special refrigerated cells for at least 10 days , so that the fibers relax and the meat is softer.
  2. Before cooking. This phase is very important: before cooking the meat on the grill, take it out of the fridge at least 4 hours before, so as not to subject it to too violent temperature changes and therefore stress the meat which could release juices, which are very important for the final result of the dish. Also, dab it well so as to eliminate moisture from the surface.
  3. The condiments . At this point, massage the meat with extra virgin olive oil. In this way you will facilitate the formation of the crust on the surface . However, add salt only after cooking, always to prevent it from releasing juices which must remain inside the cut.
  4. Cooking . It's finally cooking! Heat the grill well and then place the meat. You must make sure that there are no flames, but that the charcoal has reached maximum temperature. Cook it on one side and then the other, turning it only once and without piercing the meat. At the end, stand her on the t-bone and leave her for another 1-2 minutes .
  5. Service . Once ready, set the meat aside and let it rest for a few minutes (if you want to prevent it from cooling, wrap it in a sheet of aluminum foil). Then cut the fillet and sirloin leaving the bone whole and standing. Finally, salt and serve.

Florentine cooking

As for timing, know that true professionals use the thermometer and not the time. In any case, here are the times and degrees for each cooking, always calculating that these indications can vary from multiple factors (such as the thickness and weight of the steak or the temperature of the grill):

  • Rare cooking : 5-6 minutes per side and 2 vertically. The heart of the meat is at 48 degrees.
  • Medium cooking : 8-9 minutes per side and 3-4 vertically. The heart of the meat is between 52 and 55 degrees.
  • Well done : 11-12 minutes per side and 4 vertically. The heart is at about 65 degrees.

Also try cooking Florentine tripe .


The Florentine steak should be consumed immediately , as soon as it is served to you. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer (both raw and cooked).

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