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IgG tests: what they are for and what they indicate

laboratory examination

IgG tests are useful to trace the quantity of antibodies that indicate a particular defense of the organism against infections. Here's what you need to know about it.

When we talk about IgG tests we mean a blood sample aimed at understanding the amount of iGg antibodies present in the blood. These particular immunoglobulins are in fact the antibodies that indicate the presence of infections. And, more specifically, they represent about 80% of total immunoglobulins. Their research and identification is useful for understanding particular transmissions of infections from mother to fetus .
For this and other reasons it is therefore very important to carry out a whole series of antibody analyzes, aimed at understanding the current situation.

Differences between IgG and IgM

If you think about the differences between these two values, it is important to consider that IgG are the antibodies present in greater numbers in the organism.

laboratory examination
laboratory examination

When an infection occurs, these are produced and remain in circulation for life, guaranteeing acquired immunity. Thus, even after years it is possible to recognize the presence of a past infection through the IgG values.

Going instead to the IgM in the blood , these are produced when the infection occurs. They can generally appear from the first few days and progress into the following weeks. When this happens, they increase indicating the degree of infection, but then begin to stabilize. Their presence therefore indicates the presence of an infection in progress .

The importance of checking these values

As already mentioned, these blood values ​​are particularly useful when you are worried that you have contracted an infection or need to find out if you are indeed infected.
Usually, these tests are required especially for pregnant women in order to understand if they are actually immune to diseases such as rubella or toxoplasmosis which, if contracted during pregnancy, are dangerous.

A check in this sense helps to understand if you are infected at the moment thanks to the iGM and if you are now immune thanks to the iGg. Parameters that can help you better deal with a possible pregnancy and other problems related to the presence of infections.

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