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Incorrect posture at work: what it depends on and how to correct it with the ergonomic chair

woman touches back side pain

Incorrect posture is a fairly common problem, capable of causing slight discomfort or even serious ailments depending on the circumstances.

The typical symptoms of those who assume a non-optimal posture for prolonged periods, especially in the office or in smart working, are back pain, neck pain and leg pain.

The consequences can be inflammation, postural defects and contractures , but also stress and visual disturbances, especially when the incorrect posture is maintained for many hours a day and repeatedly in everyday life.

If the posture is not corrected, the effects in the long term can be more serious, up to problems with breathing and circulation and very intense muscle pain.

To avoid this, you need to correct your posture , especially in the workplace, as the cause of incorrect posture is often linked to the way in which the PC workstation is configured.

woman touches back side pain

The importance of the ergonomic chair for correct posture

To prevent the assumption of incorrect posture when working, it is essential to use an ergonomic chair .

This tool promotes an optimal body position when sitting at the desk and is able to reduce the risk of manifestations related to incorrect posture by decreasing muscle and joint pain caused by previous bad habits.

Of course, as also highlighted in the Lyreco online magazine , it is essential to choose an ergonomic postural chair that suits your needs, moving towards fully adjustable models . In this way, in fact, it will be possible to make all the customized configurations relating to the armrests, the seat and the backrest.

In addition, it is advisable to choose ergonomic chairs with a washable and breathable cover , to ensure adequate cleaning of the chair and maintain high hygiene standards, as well as improve comfort and avoid unpleasant sensations during skin contact with the surface of the chair. If necessary, lumbar support is also important to improve the position of the back and relieve pressure on this part of the body.

The ergonomic postural chairs allow you to assume a better posture, supporting the spine for those who have to stay many hours a day sitting at the desk. They also offer good pain relief , especially when it affects the back, decreasing lumbar fatigue and increasing the comfort of the position, with benefits on the quality of breathing and circulation .

When is it necessary to use an ergonomic postural chair?

Of course, the importance of postural ergonomic chairs should not be overlooked even in the home , paying the utmost attention to the right posture in smart working.

You must assume a correct position when working on the PC from home, in a similar way to when working at the company headquarters, following some essential postural tips to prevent pain in the neck, shoulders, wrists and back.

For example, the PC monitor must be aligned at eye level to promote perfect alignment of the head, neck and back. It is necessary to keep the spine straight , the shoulders slightly pulled back and the knees bent 90 ° , adjusting the ergonomic chair to be able to respect these fundamental postural requirements.

To improve the ergonomics of the workstation, it is also important to pay attention to the position of the elbows, which must form a right angle with the desk.

The prevention of postural problems must never be underestimated, neither in corporate workplaces nor in domestic ones, in fact only a few precautions are enough to protect the health of workers who carry out a sedentary activity at the desk.

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