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Indigestion: what are the symptoms and how to treat it


Indigestion is a rather frequent problem but that few are able to recognize as such. Here’s how to spot it and what to do to get better.

When you have an indigestion problem, the first thing to do is to immediately understand what you are suffering from so that you can act in time and in the most appropriate way.
Identifying it as soon as possible can help you feel better immediately and find the most suitable remedies for your situation.

Indigestion: the symptoms to recognize

Indigestion is a stomach problem that can occur immediately after eating.


It generally has symptoms that are easily recognizable but that not everyone is really able to identify.
Among the most common are:

Stomach pain
– Meteorism
– Bitter mouth
– Heaviness
– Migraine
– Chills
– Cold sweats
– He retched
– Fever

That said, indigestion has different causes. These are usually to be found in meals that are excessive or high in fats that are difficult to digest and / or the consumption of too cold or hot drinks. In some cases, excessive consumption of soft drinks such as alcohol or coffee can also lead to problems.
It is important to know that when you have indigestion with fever or indigestion with vomiting, you may need to see a doctor right away to make sure you do not have ongoing food poisoning.

Furthermore, in case of frequent indigestion, there may be medical causes such as anxiety, gastritis, pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, etc … Reason why it is very important to consult a doctor . In this way, other types of problems will be excluded, perhaps finding a diet more suited to your lifestyle.

Indigestion: how long it lasts and how it is treated

Indigestion usually occurs as early as an hour after a meal.
As for the duration, this can vary according to the extent of the problem and physical conditions . In most cases, it takes a few hours to see it diminish until it vanishes.

The best thing to do, until you heal is to avoid other food and hydrate yourself well with plain water. To facilitate its disappearance, it may be useful to drink a lemon or ginger-based herbal tea.

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