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Inflammation of the meniscus: causes, symptoms and treatments

knee pain

Inflammation of the meniscus can be very painful. Let’s find out how it comes, what are the symptoms to recognize and how it is treated.

When we talk about meniscus inflammation we mean the knee joint which can sometimes become inflamed due to too much wear or sudden trauma. This is a problem that can lead to a lot of pain and make movement difficult. For this reason it is very important to recognize it in time in order to provide it with the right care. So here’s what you need to know about the meniscus and inflammation symptoms.

Inflamed meniscus: what to do?

Among the symptoms of an inflamed meniscus there is first of all pain in the knee.

knee pain
knee pain

In more serious cases, at times, the part can also swell due to the emission of liquid that tends to concentrate in the area. Then there is a difficulty in walking and a particular difficulty in moving the joint.

How to tell if the meniscus is inflamed, then? Generally, the best thing to do is to seek immediate medical attention at the first signs of pain and, particularly if this makes movement difficult. In this way you will be able to have a diagnosis and proceed with the right treatments.

Inflamed meniscus: how to heal quickly

When suffering from meniscus, the first thing to do is to rest and carefully avoid all forms of physical activity. To facilitate the healing process it would be better not to move at all while remaining at rest or moving with the use of crutches.

Also for inflammation of the meniscus, the natural remedies able to improve the situation consist in the application of ice on the affected area and for a total period of a few hours in which to keep the cold part for about 20 minute intervals. Other treatments are laser therapy and physiotherapy.
The latter, however, must be prescribed by the doctor based on the type of diagnosis performed.

In any case, following all the guidelines, staying at rest and working properly on the painful area, one can hope to heal in a fortnight. Obviously, even after recovery, it will be very important to avoid returning to sports as before. This, in fact, will be restored slowly.

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