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Insulin resistance: what it is and what are the symptoms and treatments

insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a problem that should never be underestimated. Let's find out what the symptoms are and how to act when it occurs.

When we talk about insulin resistance we mean an increase in insulin values ​​in the blood. This hormone is secreted by the pancreas and its main purpose is to regulate the nutrients that circulate in the blood. Its presence is therefore necessary for the metabolization of sugars and, in a secondary form, for that of proteins and fats. When cells stop responding to insulin, it is called insulin resistance syndrome. A problem that can become very serious and therefore must be noticed as soon as possible and, obviously, treated.

Insulin resistance: the most important symptoms

Unless you face serious situations, insulin resistance does not give particularly recognizable symptoms. The first to appear, for example, are related to other causes.

insulin resistance
insulin resistance

For this reason, in most cases , it can also be discovered by chance.
That said, it is a disease that if not treated can lead to various health problems, some of which are even serious. There are in fact links between insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and also with other no less important pathologies such as metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and an increase in triglycerides or bad cholesterol.

Insulin resistance: diagnosis and treatment

As already mentioned, there are often no noticeable symptoms and the diagnosis of insulin resistance therefore occurs by chance. In others, this pathology can be revealed thanks to blood tests prescribed by the doctor and which reveal hyperinsulinemia.

From glucose tolerance testing to fasting insulin measurement, there are several ways to detect an abnormality. That said, the treatment for insulin resistance is not always the same.

In more moderate cases it is possible to act through a diet associated with physical exercise and a healthier lifestyle. In other cases, specific medications may be required and must be prescribed by the doctor . What matters is to act as soon as possible in order to bring the values ​​back as soon as possible, thus avoiding deterioration in health.

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