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Irritable colon: the diet to follow to keep it under control

medical examination

How to relieve symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome: the diet to follow to get better immediately.

When it comes to irritable bowel and diet, it is important to make some important premises . The first is that this pathology known for years by this name is instead attributable to the more correct irritable bowel syndrome. The second is that in addition to a good diet it is very important to rely on a doctor who is able to investigate the precise causes, thus finding the most suitable treatment that will concern the well-being of the intestine.

Irritable colon: what to eat to get better

When you suffer from bowel pain and are diagnosed with a sore colon, what to eat becomes very important. Through a healthy diet you can in fact take the first steps to relieve inflammation certainly present in the intestine .

medical examination
medical examination

In the presence of an acute problem, for example, the diet for inflamed intestines provides for the elimination of foods such as dairy products (only Parmesan and Grana Padano are allowed in small quantities), vegetables and fresh fruit, spicy foods and everything that commonly results difficult to digest.

As you get better with an inflamed colon, your diet may include reintroducing certain foods. Fruit can be taken twice a day but always peeled or in the form of juice and vegetables can be eaten pureed. Obviously these are basic principles that must be seen on the individual person and taken care of by a nutritionist able to draw up a diet that embraces the various phases of irritable bowel and nutrition.

The use of probiotics within the diet

For the irritable bowel, probiotics are particularly useful. These, however, must always be prescribed by the attending physician as they will be chosen based on the type of problem underlying the inflammation.
Having said that, and always under medical advice, it can be important to include foods such as kefir or fermented milk. These, always natural and without added sugars , are in fact able to maintain the intestinal flora in the best possible way once this has been restored.

For the rest, you will also need to have a greater regard for your lifestyle, avoiding stress and disordered eating. Bases thanks to which you can start feeling better immediately.

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