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Is birch sap an elixir? Watch out for contraindications

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Even if it boasts important properties, birch sap has contraindications to keep in mind: let's discover them all.

A 100% natural drink obtained from the plant of the same name, birch sap has important properties which can promote the well-being of the entire body. Before starting to take it, however, it is good to know the contraindications and side effects it could cause.

Birch sap: what is it for?

Birch sap is obtained from the homonymous plant and has important properties. It is a real liquid – in technical terms glyceric macerate or bud extract – which is extracted from the tree during the spring season, before the flowering of the plant. Small incisions are made on the trunk, to which small tubes are applied. From the latter, birch juice comes out, which is collected in special containers. It should be emphasized that this procedure does not cause the death of the plant, given that a minimal part of the sap is extracted.

Once harvested, the birch extract is diluted with alcohol, filtered and processed in the laboratory. Only then can it be placed on the market. As already mentioned, this natural remedy boasts important properties , which are worth knowing. It has purifying, detoxifying and diuretic properties , which make it perfect for combating problems such as: cholesterol , body intoxication, deposits of uric acids, chlorides and urea, kidney stones, water retention, cellulite, obesity, wounds, signs of acne/eczema , rheumatism, joint pain, gout , headaches and premenstrual syndrome.

Birch sap: contraindications

Birch syrup is commercially available in the form of herbal teas, tinctures, drops, extracts and sap. The latter solution can be taken pure or diluted in 200ml of water or another sugar-free drink. Generally, it is recommended to drink half a glass of the remedy in the morning, remembering to drink at least one and a half liters of water during the day. To have any beneficial effect, the treatment must be followed for a month. Before seeing the contraindications of birch sap, it should be emphasized that the dosage is indicative. Therefore, trust the doses provided by your trusted herbalist.

Birch drops, even if they boast many properties, have side effects to keep in mind. It is not recommended to take it in case of ongoing therapies based on anticoagulants, diuretics, hypotensive and antiplatelet drugs. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and salicylate allergy sufferers should also stay away from it.

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