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Is eating too much fruit bad for you or is it always healthy? Here is the truth

plate of sliced ​​fruit

Is eating too much fruit bad for you? This is one of the most popular questions among those who decide to start a diet: let's find out the truth.

When it comes to fruit, there is never unanimous opinion: some love it and wouldn't give it up for anything in the world, while others deliberately exclude it from their diet. One question, however, arises spontaneously for everyone: is eating too much fruit bad for you? Let's see what the truth is and, above all, the quantities recommended by the World Health Organization.

Is eating too much fruit bad for you?

Eating too much fruit, like all other excesses, is never recommended. This does not mean that it must be banned from the diet, but consumed without overeating. Rich in vitamins, mineral salts, sugars and other important nutrients, fruit must never be missing from the table. And yet, we must not forget that we are talking about foods with a high fructose and fiber content, which is why it is forbidden to abuse them, especially for some people.

Before seeing when eating lots of fruit can be a problem, it should be emphasized that the calorie intake varies a lot according to the variety you choose. A banana, for example, can never be compared to an apple. The World Health Organization recommends consuming five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Generally, these are three snacks of 150 grams of fruit, for a total of up to 450 grams per day.

So, going over the recommended amounts doesn't pose a huge risk, as long as you don't suffer from certain medical conditions . Those with diabetes or blood sugar problems, for example, need to be careful, if not avoid it altogether.

Eating too much fruit: excesses are always to be avoided

Clarified that eating too much fruit, as well as any other food, is never recommended. This is to be kept in mind if you want to start the famous fruit diet . Generally, it is forbidden to replace main meals with fruit. The reason is very simple: for lunch or dinner, the body needs other nutrients and not just sugar. That is why, after such a meal, hunger will be felt within an hour at most.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to eat an apple, a pear or any other variety at the end of a lunch/dinner where other carbohydrates or sweets are present. Dulcis in fundo: always prefer seasonal fruit and, if possible, organic and zero km.

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