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Italians increasingly obese and depressed: here is the analysis of the latest health observatory


The latest health observatory has highlighted an increase in obesity and depression. Let's find out more.

For several years now, the focus on health has extended to increasingly evident problems such as overweight, obesity and depression.
However, the latest report by Osservasalute highlighted a worsening of the situation in almost half of the population.
Obviously, these are alarming data that highlight the need for action plans aimed at a healthier lifestyle and aimed at maintaining good health.

What the 2022 health observatory says

From what emerged from the latest report which highlighted the data of the various regions relating to 2022, a sedentary lifestyle has become a common and increasingly widespread characteristic even among young people who have exponentially decreased the time dedicated to activity in the last two years physics.


This has led to more cases of overweight and obesity and even an increase in depression.
Citing the numbers, it seems that over 12% of the population is obese and that 46.2% of people over 18 are overweight.
Added to these disheartening data are the testimonies of the people themselves who have admitted for at least a good 30% of not practicing any type of sport and not doing physical activity.

As already mentioned, the levels of depression have also increased, leading to a growing increase in recent years and which has been highlighted even more clearly in the last two.
The consumption of antidepressant drugs has also increased accordingly, leading to a very low-optimistic general picture.

What are the strategies to change things

In general, to maintain a healthy weight (unless you have other pathologies) it is sufficient to eat in a healthy and balanced way, avoiding all those foods that are notoriously harmful to health.

It is therefore advisable to eat fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins such as white meat, fish, yoghurt, eggs and some types of cheese and good fats such as, for example, extra virgin olive oil. To this you should always add good hydration and, of course, healthy physical activity. From sport in the gym to running or even simple walks in nature, moving is good for the body and allows you to waste excess energy, also benefiting your mood.

Following these simple rules is therefore useful both for keeping fit and healthy and for promoting a more creative and proactive mind. Obviously, to eat well, food education is often necessary that teaches the basics of balanced nutrition and that allows you to understand which foods to avoid in order to feel good.

In general , hydrogenated fats, processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol and, last but not least, smoking should be avoided . All notions that were once basic but have gradually been lost leading to the increasingly massive consumption of ready-to-eat foods rich in unhealthy ingredients and above all not suitable for maintaining a state of good health .
A problem that today seems to have become increasingly evident and which for this would require actions capable of changing things by providing, to start with, the right information on how to live to feel good,

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