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Itchy hands: natural remedies, causes and significance

Itchy hands

Itchy hands can create various discomforts and annoyances and is a very common ailment. Here are the causes, the meaning it can have and some natural remedies!

Dry skin, therefore poorly hydrated , can be the cause of an annoying itch in the hands. But not only that, even too aggressive products such as a soap or the wrong detergent can cause damage to the skin and cause severe itching. But this disorder can also be caused by more important factors such as an allergic reaction, inflammation, psoriasis and various infections (as well as a psychosomatic disorder). So for each case of itching there can be a different meaning that can lead to different ailments.

If the nature of the itch is not severe, however, various inflammations, infections and other pathologies are excluded, then it is possible to resort to some grandmother’s remedies. Obviously, if the disorder persists, it would be more advisable to consult a specialist doctor.

Itchy Hands: The Causes and Psychosomatic Link

Itchy hands
Itchy hands

As explained above, the causes that can lead to severe itching in the hands are many and can manifest themselves with an itch in the fingers, palm, back or on all three areas:

  • Eczema. One of the major causes is eczema, a common but annoying dermatitis that occurs with inflammation of the skin, redness and subsequent rash.
  • Dermatitis on the hands . Dermatitis is also the main cause of itching in the palm of the hand, fingers or on the back. Dermatitis can then be divided into various types such as contact, stress , insolation, atopic, allergic dermatitis and many others.
  • Stings . Arising from external causes, stings are another reason that leads to itchy hands. The extent of the discomfort will depend on the sensitivity of each and on the power of the stinging serum expelled by the animal (among these we can include jellyfish, bees, spiders and many other insects).
  • Sweat . Yes, sweat also causes itching and inflammation, so always dry your hands if you tend to sweat a lot.
  • Reactions to drugs or foods . Are you sensitive to a certain food or active ingredient? Here, taking it could cause a more or less acute form of annoying itching in the hands which, however, should disappear within a few hours.
  • Psoriasis or other skin diseases. Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that leads to extreme inflammation and painful areas in certain parts of the body which can vary from individual to individual. And not only that, there are many other diagnoses of disorders that could be associated with this problem such as dyshidrosis, exanthematous diseases, kidney failure, etc.

Then there is another cause, more complicated and difficult to recognize: the meaning of itchy hands is sometimes attributable to a psychosomatic problem . In fact, itchy hands is often linked to moments of strong discomfort and emotional stress.

Differences between itching in different areas of the hands

Are there particular differences if the itching is on the palm of the hand, or on the fingers or even on the back? There are no specific differences , but for each case it is necessary to carefully evaluate the causes that led to the itching and if there are any previous health disorders. In any case it is good to consult a specialist for an accurate diagnosis.

Itchy hands, how to get it over with natural remedies

hand dermatitis
hand dermatitis

Garlic. An ancient grandmother’s remedy is the use of garlic: you just have to take a clove of garlic and rub it on your hand. The result will be visible in no time.

Water and oats. We prepare some water with oats and soak our hands for at least 10 minutes. An excellent remedy for dry skin.

Coconut oil. Thanks to its antibacterial and moisturizing properties, coconut oil can be a very effective remedy for itchy fingers. Softens the skin and relieves pain in no time.

Aloe vera. Among the natural remedies he certainly cannot be missing: the aloe vera gel. Great for treating skin inflammation, restoring pH and relieving itching and pain.

Honey. Like aloe, it is an effective remedy for softening the skin and relieving the symptom as quickly as possible.

Olive oil. An excellent product thanks to its calming and emollient properties. You just need to massage a little oil on the affected area!

All of these remedies are also great for itchy feet!

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