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Itchy legs: what it depends on and how to remedy it

itchy legs

Itchy legs is a problem that can have different causes and that it is always good to investigate. Here are the most important and what are the possible remedies.

Suffering from itchy legs is never pleasant. It is in fact a problem that if prolonged over time can be quite annoying. Furthermore, when it occurs it can indicate other problems that are always best to investigate. By discovering the causes, in fact, it will be easier to find remedies able to soothe the annoying itch in the lower limbs.

Itchy legs: the most common causes that it is important to know

The problem of itchy legs usually presents with very specific symptoms.

itchy legs
itchy legs

In addition to the itching, you can feel an annoying burning sensation , pinching or sometimes just a slight tingling sensation. The problem can occur several times during the day and can affect different areas of the body.
There are in fact itchy ankles, itchy thighs or itchy calves. Sometimes, however, the sensation can be distributed over the entire length of the limbs. Not to mention the famous itchy legs in the evening.
Going to the causes, among the most common are:

– Allergies
– Diabetes
– Insect bites
– Aggressive shaving
Dry skin
– Restless legs syndrome
– Circulation problems
– Folliculitis

Once you understand the cause, finding the remedy will certainly be easier.

Natural remedies for itchy legs

Assuming that if the problem was really continuous and annoying, the first thing to do is definitely to contact your doctor , there are remedies that can be put in place while trying to understand the exact origin of the problem.

If you have dry skin , applying a moisturizer can be very helpful. It can also be helpful to pay attention to what you eat and use different soaps to wash yourself.
Even skin care through a more delicate hair removal and the use of cotton or natural fabrics can be very beneficial. What matters is understanding what is good for your situation. And all while remembering that in case of lack of relief the problem could have medical causes.

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