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It’s ready in 5 minutes and perfect for seasoning all pasta shapes: here’s the recipe you’ve been waiting for

Sun-Dried Tomatoes "Pesto

What's better than a full-bodied and tasty seasoning for your pasta, like the one given by dried tomato pesto?

When it comes to finding simple ways to season pasta you are always in a bit of difficulty and end up falling back on the usual recipes. Yet very little is often enough to make a pasta dish tasty and satisfying, perhaps by seasoning it with our dried tomato pesto. To prepare it, in its basic version, you only need 4 ingredients and less than 5 minutes , just enough time to retrieve everything from the pantry and blend.

The best-known version is Sicilian dried tomato pesto, prepared with almonds, garlic, oil and obviously dried tomatoes (in oil or rehydrated). However, it is possible to add oregano or basil to make it even more aromatic, or parmesan for a truly tasty pesto that is also excellent on bread. But let's see together how to prepare it!

Sun-Dried Tomatoes "Pesto
Sun-Dried Tomatoes "Pesto

How to prepare dried tomato pesto with the simple recipe

  1. First, drain the dried tomatoes from the preservation oil.
  2. If you fear that they are too salty you can leave them to soak in warm water for about 30 minutes before using them, but preparation times will take longer.
  3. Then transfer them into a small food processor fitted with blades at the bottom (we do not recommend using an immersion blender) together with the almonds , peeled garlic and oil .
  4. Blend until you obtain a smooth but not too creamy consistency. A distinctive note of dried tomato pesto is its rusticity.
  5. Use it to season your favorite pasta shape (even egg pasta) by diluting it with a little pasta cooking water but without heating it in the pan: the ideal would be to put the desired quantity in a large bowl, add the water so to dilute it and then mix it with the pasta.

As mentioned, there are many variations of sun-dried tomato pesto. For example, you can add 50 g of grated parmesan or 5-6 pickled capers or aromatic herbs such as fresh basil (a bunch) or dried oregano in quantities of your choice. The idea of ​​adding 10 g of pine nuts or replacing the almonds with other dried fruit is also excellent.

In short, you will have understood that we are talking about a truly versatile recipe and then, if you love this ingredient, you will love pasta with dried tomatoes !


This pesto can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days by placing it in a container with a cap and covering the surface with a layer of oil. It is also possible to freeze it , preferably if already portioned, for 2-3 months.

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