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Jewelry and clothes: how to combine them to enhance casual and elegant outfits

Winter little black dress

Jewels definitely make the difference in an outfit, that's why choosing the right ones can enhance even the most basic garment: let's find out how

It seems easy to combine jewels and clothes in the best way but in reality there are many details that it is essential to pay attention to in order not to run the risk that one can divert attention from the other, if not even cancel them. In fact, the result would be a lack of harmony that would risk not enhancing an important garment or jewel adequately, so that the effect you would like to obtain from an outfit, whether casual or elegant, you would not be able to obtain. In fact, like all accessories, jewels can give brightness, originality and vivacity even to the most basic dress or shirt.

Which jewels to choose on a casual dress or outfit: from precious gold, silver and rose gold to ethnic jewels

Valuing a casual outfit certainly reassures us much more than thinking about which is the perfect jewel to combine with an elegant outfit, but the risk is that feeling free to combine a little what we want, the "mess" or "too much" may be around the corner. Instead, putting ideas in order certainly saves us.

Gold jewelry

For example, if we want to make a simple look like jeans + blazer more precious or a midi dress to wear with a pair of leggings and ankle boots, perhaps giving it brightness, gold, silver and rose gold plated jewels are always a safe choice. If you are looking for a lively effect, combine them with a colorful outfit, if you love sobriety and a softer look, the chic effect is guaranteed on black or white.

Leather leggings and heels
The necklace in particular, more than all other jewels, has a crucial role both in summer and in winter and must be carefully balanced with the earrings. Generally it is advisable to choose earrings that are not too flashy on already important necklaces and in the same way not to choose flashy necklaces to wear with large or particularly elaborate earrings, but it is also true that a lot also depends on our style. For example, lovers of ethnic style often wear necklaces and earrings in neutral colors and large dimensions and thanks to the color already large bijoux can easily coexist together.
Coachella boho look
Coachella boho look

Bijoux + elegant outfits: how to enhance an important dress and which ones to choose

Choosing a jewel for an important occasion requires exactly the same care and attention that we use to choose a dress that makes us feel at ease, that reflects our taste and that best enhances us on the occasion of ceremonies such as weddings, graduations and events special.

New Year's accessories

Collier necklaces of precious stones with matching bracelets and rings, the versatile point of light that can embellish even a mini dress or the simplest dress we have, are naturally the ones that not only look good on everyone, but give brightness to a dark dress.

neckline V neck jewel diamond necklace

We focus on colored precious stones in pendant with our dress to create an elegant tone on tone, on neutral colors such as transparent zircons on basic or colored dresses if we are looking for a sober contrast. On particularly showy dresses, perhaps with sequins or rhinestones, already glittering, always focus on modest-sized jewels.

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