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Joy for the eyes, a journey through time: 1932 is the new Haute Joaillerie Chanel

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For those who believe in stars like Coco, it's hard not to be enchanted by the new Chanel Haute Couture bijoux collection

Are you ready to wear bijoux stars, planets and constellations in the next autumn / winter 2022-2023 ? The new Chanel Haute Joaillerie dedicated to diamonds is an opportunity to start diving into the next bijoux collections that we will see shortly, in a design that will certainly focus on astrology and the beauties of the sky. And to sparkle, it seems to continue to be the diktat to embellish our body and illuminate our fabulous look!

Haute Joaillerie Chanel 2022: how the maison's new collection is born

The direction has always been the same for some years now: to celebrate, remember, pay homage to Coco's far-sighted gaze, her image of a dynamic woman, in step with the times, careful to adapt but always preserving her essence by making mirror fashion of his soul. So when in 1932 there was a need to recover from the crisis of '29 and start dreaming again, the London Diamond Corporation asked Coco Chanel to write luxury through her rules.

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Thus was born alongside the Haute Couture Chanel also the Haute Joaillerie, a collection that for the needs of the times Coco dedicated to the stars so that the women of that era could shine, express their desire to tell that moment of recovery through diamonds. embellishing their look. Among her passions, the one for the sky seemed to her the most suitable to write this new chapter of the story that smacked of novelty also for the maison. Bijoux des Diamantes , versatile and dreamy , like the ideal look of every woman yesterday as today.

“1932”, the new high fashion bijoux collection: enchantments of stars and sky

The theme of the stars and planets then returns from the past to the present, where the Bijoux de Diamantes becomes 1932 : a name that declares the open inspiration to the collection created by Coco in 1932 but revisited according to a modern design and in line with the current revival vision of the maison. Pure lines and a free and unfriendly design is what the creative director of Chanel Jewelery, Patrice Leguéreau , wanted to preserve in a game of colored and neutral precious stones, round and with an eternal allure.

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Thus was born a collection of 77 jewels composed of diamonds, sapphires, yellow diamonds, rubies, spinels and tanzanites : a precious dream that includes unique pieces and 13 models that can also be transformed. The highlight is the Allure Célest , weighing 55.55 carats and an 8.05 carat DFL diamond with a pear cut, a jewel that can be completely disassembled and reinvented at will. Its intense blue sapphire really gives the feeling of being able to wear and see a fragment of sky sparkling on your body, while the yellow diamond of The Sun ring and necklace can bring with you a precious ray of sunshine.

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