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Jungle Julia: the new handmade luxury brand inspired by Tarantino’s heroine

Pastel neon look

Can a character of pure fantasy inspire a collection? The stylist Stefano Pizzini tries, magnificently, with Jungle Julia

To be able to wear it and uncover some more garments we will have to wait for next spring / summer 2023 but in the meantime on the Instagram feed of the stylist-entrepreneur Stefano Pizzini it is already possible to fall in love and peek at the garments of Jungle Julia, a luxury handmade brand that draws inspiration for texture , design and colors, from the female character of the same name in the film Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino. In addition to certainly taking the style revisited in a contemporary key according to the 70's vibes that for some years now have so much returned to dictate the trend, there is also the spirit: courage, determination and Tarantine sagacity.

Jungle Julia: from Death Proof to the hand made brand, an enterprising style

A courageous, irreverent woman, a music lover who dominates her life by beating the rhythm she prefers depending on the moment and the occasion, this is the Jungle Julia of Death Proof , definitely in line with the spirit of the women we want to be today and who also seek the identification of their values ​​in a brand. This is how the luxury and handmade brand created and launched by the entrepreneur stylist Stefano Pizzini was born debuting with its first spring / summer 2023 collection.

A collection that stands out for its intense tie-dye textures that wink at the 70s patterns on dresses, tank tops and tops to wear with a foulard, an accessory that will be strongly back in vogue next summer. There is a pictorial use of color that makes immediately attractive and outlines the identity of the brand that celebrates an all-Italian tailoring, an allure of sensuality that is expressed through skilful plays of lines and color. Another strong point of this collection is undoubtedly the trousers: soft, light and with a pantapalazzo design, to be played down with soft bomber jackets that will take the place of summer prêt-à-porter jackets.

“I wanted to create something that wasn't there , that would upset the very idea of ​​a women's wardrobe with apparently unrelated garments, but harmonized by the common denominator of expressive freedom. And all at a competitive price, in line with the demands of the new generation ” , explained Stefano Pizzini who presented the collection at the last Milan Fashion Week 2022.

When and where Stefano Pizzini's collection will be on sale

Made in Italy but as always with an international flavor, Jungle Julia has a decidedly global perspective and in fact it will be available not only in Italy and France, but also in the countries of the Middle East and the Far East in selected points of sale.

In any case, online sales will remain the privileged channel, since it is a young brand that wants to speak to young people: in fact, in the first months of 2023, Jungle Julia will have an online platform. At the same time, however, the distribution of the collection will also be celebrated by the birth of the first Jungle Julia Shop which will open in Florence at the beginning of next summer. All that remains is to find out what Tarantino will think!

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