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Knee pain after running: what it depends on and how to relieve it


Knee pain after running is a fairly common problem. Let’s find out what it depends on and how to act to alleviate it.

When we talk about knee pain after running, we mean that discomfort that you feel in the leg and more specifically in the knee and which can represent an important alarm bell. If in some cases, the pain is caused by a racing knee inflammation, in other cases it could be the symptom of more serious pathologies such as an iliotibial band problem.
So let’s try to understand how to act when pain arises.

Knee pain: why it happens

Running inner knee pain is a symptom that can have different causes. In fact, at the origin there may be muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and cartilages.


These areas can in fact be damaged due to inflammation caused by excessive efforts or traumas that occur without us noticing it.
Using the wrong shoes, for example, can lead to wrong positions which then manifest themselves as a running knee pain.

When the problem occurs, it is therefore important to understand, first of all, whether it is a temporary or lasting illness. To do this you need to stop and do some stretches. If the pain persists or tends to worsen and make walking difficult, it is preferable to have an examination.
If not, a little rest should set everything back in place.

How to act against knee pain

In most cases, knee pain after running is nothing more than the so-called “runner’s knee”. A problem that occurs as a result of excessive effort but which, as already mentioned above, it is always good to investigate. In the presence of pain it is also recommended to rest the part for a few days and try to fortify the leg muscles with strengthening exercises.

In addition, there are protections that applied on the knees while running can help relieve pain. Pain that will always be considered by a doctor in order to make sure that there are no other problems in progress and that if not taken in time can worsen, leading to even more serious situations than simple pain.

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