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Kris Van Assche, who is the Belgian designer who worked for Italian fashion

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Artistic director of Dior's men's line and then creative director of the Italian brand Berluti, Kris Van Assche is a Belgian designer who has entered the history of the international fashion system.

Very young and unquestionably talented, Kris Van Assche had only one desire from an early age: to work in the fashion world. Thus, after completing his studies, he began to work alongside excellent personalities in the sector to create his own independent brand . The experience, however, did not last long and the Belgian designer returned to create collections for fashion lines that have fascinated the personalities of the international show.

The biography of Kris Van Assche

Born in Belgium, in the town of Londerzeel, on 12 May 1976, he had very clear ideas from an early age: as a creative, he wanted to give vent to his greatest talent.

Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, he left his native country to move to Paris where he obtained his first important job in the world of fashion.

Yet, just for "a moment", the Belgian designer had some doubts about his career. As stated in an interview, in fact, he thought he could leave his first, great, desire to be a florist .

“I realized when I was very young that I wanted to be a fashion designer. I hesitated when, for a short time, I thought I wanted to be a florist – said Kris Van Assche -. This is similar to fashion in the sense that floral decorations are not necessary, yet they become essential. But fashion seemed more exciting and more creative to me, so that's how it went ”.

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The career of Kris Van Assche

The move to Paris marks the first, important, assignment for Kris Van Assche: he is chosen as Hedi Slimane's right hand man in Yves Saint Laurent's Rive Gauche line.

The two stylists also collaborate for the Dior Homme brand, creating a line that is highly appreciated all over the world.

In 2004 Kris Van Assche embarks on an adventure of his own: he founded a clothing brand with his own name . He is successful, his label is distributed in 130 multi-brand stores, in about 30 countries, but in 2015 he decides to put an end to this experience because times "are hard for independent designers".

2007 is the year of worldwide consecration : the Belgian designer takes the reins of Dior's men's line instead of Slimane and creates collections that fascinate the whole world.

The adventure with Dior ended eleven years later, when in 2018 the fashion designer left Parisian fashion to become the artistic director of Berluti, an Italian brand.

Three years in the "service" of the label owned by Antoine Arnalut were enough for Kris Van Assche to reshape the brand making it contemporary and creative.

Kris Van Assche's private life

Known worldwide for his great contribution to Parisian and Italian fashion, the Belgian designer is one of the most popular .

His earnings unknown, Kris Van Assche has kept his private life away from that of the fashion world, so much so that he never discloses the names of his companions and decides not to reveal where he lives.

4 curiosities about Kris Van Assche

– If he hadn't been a stylist, he would have liked to work as a florist

– He left his job as Dior's first assistant because he felt "creatively frustrated"

– In 2007 he participated as guest of honor at Pitti Immagine and presented an installation on the themes of elegance, poetry and modernity: "Désiré"

– He studied in the same institute where artistic personalities of the caliber of Dries Van Noten, Haider Ackermann, Martin Margiela and Vincent van Gogh were trained.

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