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Lamb chops in air fryer

lamb chops in air fryer

Few ingredients and a few minutes of cooking separate you from the perfect recipe for lamb chops in the air fryer.

Lamb chops are a refined second course, usually the protagonist of Easter tables where it is not uncommon to see the whole rack cooked. Yet there is a faster way to prepare them that will make them one of your evergreen dishes: air fryer lamb chops.

If you are already thinking about long cooking times and complicated steps, we'll stop you right away: to cook lamb chops in the air fryer you can also just use the meat with a drizzle of oil. What is certain is that, as you will also understand, adding some aromatic herbs and leaving them to marinate for an hour or two is not a great effort. Let's see together how to proceed.

lamb chops in air fryer
lamb chops in air fryer

How to make air fryer lamb chops recipe

  1. First, finely chop sage, rosemary, thyme and garlic and transfer them to a container with a lid. Also pour in the oil and lemon juice, season with freshly ground pepper and a pinch of salt and close. Shake to emulsify everything.
  2. Place the ribs inside, close and give a quick shake . Let the ribs rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour but also overnight.
  3. At this point all that remains is to proceed with cooking: place them, after having drained them well, inside the air fryer basket and cook at 190°C for 10-12 minutes , turning them halfway through cooking. Times vary depending on the thickness of the ribs and ours were about 2 cm .
  4. Serve them after letting them rest for a few minutes.

You can enjoy the ribs by accompanying them with a green salad or with excellent air fryer potatoes , crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside.


It is best to enjoy freshly made lamb chops in order to appreciate the perfect texture of the meat. However, they will keep for a couple of days in the refrigerator.

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