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Lamb stew

lamb stew

Preparing the lamb stew is really and the presence of potatoes and carrots makes it a delicious complete dish.

Many people find it difficult to use lamb meat. Yet, like others, you just need to know how to cook it correctly to appreciate its goodness. Among the simplest recipes that we recommend you try is lamb stew.

In our version the sauce in which it is cooked is enriched with diced potatoes and sliced ​​carrots . The result is a perfect second course to also bring to the table on its own, just with a little bread to soak up the sauce or, better yet, with some polenta .

lamb stew
lamb stew

How to prepare lamb stew recipe

  1. First, peel the potatoes and carrots. Cut the former into 2cm-wide pieces and the latter into half-centimetre-thick rounds .
  2. Heat the oil in a pan and brown the garlic clove together with the chopped onion. Also add some aromatic herbs to taste tied together with string. We used sage and rosemary.
  3. Dredge the pieces of meat in the flour then brown them in a pan on all sides before adding the white wine.
  4. Add the broth to just cover the meat, a pinch of salt and a little pepper and start cooking. In total it will take about an hour during which you will add broth if necessary.
  5. Before serving, remove the garlic clove and the aromatic bunch and leave to rest for about ten minutes.

The stew with artichokes is also excellent for your spring menu. You can also speed it up by cooking it in a pressure cooker . After browning the meat, pour the broth to cover by 2 fingers and cook for 25 minutes from the whistle.


The lamb stew will keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days . We recommend heating it in a pan before serving.

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