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Laryngitis: what it is, symptoms and treatment


Laryngitis is an inflammation that affects the larynx and, in particular, the vocal cords. Let's find out why it occurs and how to treat it.

We talk about laryngitis when we are faced with an inflammation or irritation of the larynx.
This particular organ responsible for phonation is also responsible for the channeling of food towards the digestive tract. For this reason, when the larynx is inflamed it can lead to both speech (such as hoarseness or dysphonia) and swallowing problems.
Very simple to recognize, laryngitis can be caused by various problems. Let's find out together which are the most common and how to avoid or treat them correctly.

Causes and symptoms of laryngitis

Among the most common causes of laryngitis are viral infections , inhalation of irritants and exposure to acidic substances. Even gastroesophageal reflux can cause such irritation as to lead to loss of voice or throat discomfort. In some cases, laryngitis can also occur after straining the organ such as when singing or screaming.


When it occurs, recognizing it is very simple because there is a drop in the voice and the sensation of having a foreign body in the throat is often perceived. Summarizing those that are the most common, there are:

– Voice alteration
– Fever
Sore throat
– Difficulty breathing
– Reflex otalgia

When these symptoms occur, it is very important to consult a doctor to prepare a cure.
The chronic irritation of this organ can in fact lead to the modification of the epithelium that covers it and to the formation of precancerous lesions.
To recognize it, the doctor usually carries out a careful history which can be followed by more in-depth tests such as fibrolaryngoscopy or, in more serious cases, a biopsy.

How to cure and prevent laryngitis

Laryngitis tends to heal spontaneously within a short time in which, however, it is necessary to take care of it by avoiding any irritating substance. In case of bacterial infections , the doctor can prescribe antibiotics which, however, should be avoided in all other cases.
In case of problems such as swelling, corticosteroids can be used (always with medical advice).

When it comes to various forms of prevention, avoiding alcohol and smoking is definitely recommended, especially if you tend to suffer from them often. In case of reflux problems, the latter should also be treated. Which can be done simply by changing the diet and choosing foods that do not create new episodes of reflux.

Finally, always to take care of the larynx in the correct way, it can be useful to avoid too hot and cold environments and vocal efforts. Having said that, laryngitis is a problem that is easy to solve and which almost never reaches serious problems. All of this, of course, taking care to treat it as soon as possible and not to have frequent attacks over time.

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