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Lavender honey: properties, uses and why it’s good for you

lavender honey

Lavender honey is one of the most precious and appreciated honeys. Let's find out why and what are its many properties.

Considered a real delicacy, lavender honey is among the finest honeys there are. Quite rare, it boasts a very delicate flavor and a light lavender scent.
There are 5 varieties on the market that change according to its being produced from lavender that grows spontaneously to the hybrid one which, although of different colors (an example is lavander honey), is still defined as lavender. Generally amber in color, it has an intense but at the same time sweet aroma which can vary according to the type of cultivation . In the wild version, for example, it is less intense but more delicate. Beyond the many differences, it is still a really pleasant honey to taste and which, among other things, also boasts various beneficial properties.

What are the properties of lavender honey

Let's start by saying that this particular honey boasts the very properties of lavender and its oil. To these are added others which make this honey a real friend of the organism .

lavender honey
lavender honey

Among the most common we mention:

It's an antiseptic
– Calms the nervous system
– Relieves stress headaches
Cures insomnia
– Acts as an analgesic
– Helps to digest
– Relieves anxiety
– Soothes the cough
– Acts as an anti-inflammatory for the airways
– It is excellent in case of vertigo
– Gives strength to the skin
– It is a good relaxant

Among other things, lavender honey is also rich in iron and manganese , which is why it is particularly suitable for older people, sportsmen and teenagers.

How to use lavender honey

Honey, as such, belongs to the family of sweeteners and due to the sugars it contains, it can raise blood sugar, especially if consumed alone or in large quantities. Composed of both fructose and glucose, it is perfect to use at breakfast, preferably as part of a balanced meal such as the one made up of a sugar-free Greek yogurt and a slice of wholemeal bread with a teaspoon of honey.

Also excellent on cheeses or with dried fruit, this honey should always be eaten raw and never cooked. Once heated, it tends to lose some of its properties.
Although it is very good in sweets, in this case it will therefore be considered only for its sweet taste and no longer for its many beneficial properties.

In addition to feeding, it is excellent for healing insect bites, to help heal wounds or to create a nourishing face mask . Furthermore, if dissolved in a glass of water (in which case a teaspoon is enough) it is excellent for counteracting sore throats or for preventing flu.

This honey is therefore rich in benefits as well as an appearance and a taste that make it a unique product of its kind and which, for this reason, is worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

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