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Let’s make brownies: the original video recipe for a delicious chocolate sweet

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies are a typical sweet of the United States cuisine, whose name derives from the typical dark brown color.

Brownies are a soft, moist chocolate-based dessert, and originated in the United States. Today, however, they have become famous all over the world, thanks to their incredible goodness , and there are many versions: with hazelnuts, with salted caramel and many other variations.

Today we thought we'd offer you the classic version, based on dark chocolate. You can prepare them and serve them for breakfast, or for a sweet snack or a different end of meal .

You are ready? So let's go to the kitchen and let's get started ! If you need to see all the messages well, follow our video recipe too.

Chocolate brownies
Chocolate brownies

How to make chocolate brownies

Melt the chocolate and butter in a bain-marie

1. Melt the chocolate and butter in a bain-marie until you have a nice soft and smooth glaze. Once this operation is completed, let it cool .

Mix sifted powders

2. Put all the sifted powders (flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder) in a bowl.

Beat eggs and sugar

3. Aside, whisk the eggs with the sugar with electric whisks or a hand whisk.

Combine all compounds gently

4. Now incorporate the whipped eggs into the chocolate glaze with a spatula, stirring from bottom to top to prevent everything from falling apart, then add the powders and mix everything delicately in the same way.

Bake and bake brownies

5. Take a 20×20 cm rectangular mold lined with baking paper and pour the dough into it. Bake, after leveling it well, for about 30 minutes in the oven at 180°C until a crumbly crust forms on the surface.

6. Once ready, let the brownie cake cool for a few minutes before cutting it into squares.

You can, if you like, enrich the brownies with dried fruit, in this case we advise you to add about 150 g of dried fruit (walnuts, hazelnuts or similar) to the dough before informing, mix gently and then proceed with cooking.

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How to accompany brownies

If you want to create a winning combination, serve the brownies with a salted caramel sauce, or more simply with a nice dollop of whipped cream. Otherwise, remember that this is one of the most famous walking desserts, and therefore you can also enjoy it with your hands!

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The recipe for these delicious sweets will surely win you over and the result will be snapped up. If you can't finish them in one go, you can keep them for 3-4 days in a tin container or with an airtight lid. Make sure they are in a cool, dry place and away from light sources. You can also freeze them in the freezer once cooked, only if you have used all fresh ingredients .

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