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Let’s make the mimosa cake: photos and videos of the soft dessert symbol of Women’s Day

Mimosa cake

Here is the recipe for the mimosa cake, ideal for celebrating March 8 (but not only): sweet, complicated and unforgettable… just like women!

Today we prepare the mimosa cake, an original and special recipe, which is prepared with custard enriched with cream and decorated with small pieces of sponge cake that recall the famous flower dedicated to women : the mimosa. Prepare it on March 8, or even during the rest of the year, this soft and tasty cake will please everyone !

We tell you: it is not a simple preparation because you have to make three different preparations (the sponge cake, the cream and the syrup) and then compose everything. But we guarantee that the result is worth the effort! We also have our video recipe so you don't miss a single step.

If you want an easy mimosa cake recipe (or rather, as simple as possible ), you can try the version with the Thermomix!

Mimosa cake
Mimosa cake

How to make mimosa cake with the original recipe

Beat eggs and sugar

1. Let's start preparing the sponge cake. Beat the eggs, 200 g of sugar and a pinch of salt in the planetary mixer (or with electric whisks) until you get a nice frothy and swollen mixture.

Add sifted flour

2. Also add 200 g of sifted flour, incorporating it several times to avoid disassembling the mixture.

Sponge cake in two pans

3. Prepare two discs of sponge cake, distributing the mixture between two buttered and floured pans of about 20 cm in diameter, so as to be sure that they are also enough for the topping.

Baked sponge cake

4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for about 35-40 minutes , until the surface is lightly golden .
5. As soon as the sponge cake is cooked, open the oven and leave it inside for about 5 minutes with the door open.

Bring milk to the boil
Bring milk to the boil

6. For the cream, put the milk in a saucepan and switch off as soon as it starts to boil .

Mix ingredients for custard

7. In a separate bowl, beat 4 egg yolks, 120 g of sugar, the corn starch, and the vanilla (or lemon zest).

Gradually add hot milk

8. Then slowly add the milk to the egg mixture, stirring constantly with a whisk so that no lumps are formed.

Thicken cream and whip cream

9. Put it back on the heat and thicken , then whip the cream with a whisk.

Combine cream and cream to make diplomat cream

10. Add it to the mixture when it is completely cold .


11. Now let's take care of the syrup: boil 100 ml of water, add a spoonful of sugar so that it dissolves, and finally a little liqueur to taste.

How to compose the mimosa cake

Cut sponge cake

1. At this point, let's proceed with the assembly : cut four discs from the two sponge cakes.

Make four discs of sponge cake

2. Eliminate all the browned external parts well (three will be used for the stratification and one we will keep aside for the external decoration ).

Assemble mimosa cake

3. Arrange the sponge cake on a serving plate, soak it with a little cold alcoholic syrup and finally complete with a layer of diplomatic cream.
4. Stuff by alternating these elements and remember to keep some diplomatic cream aside to cover the surface of the mimosa cake.
5. After placing the third disc and assembling the cake, let it rest for at least an hour in the refrigerator.

Assembled cake and cubes from the last sponge cake disc

6. After this time, cover the surface of the cake with the cream you have kept aside. With the leftover sponge cake disc, then, obtain many strips and then transform them into small cubes.

Complete mimosa cake

7. Sprinkle the whole cake with the cubes of sponge cake, so that it resembles the soft yellow flower of the mimosa .

And if you can resist, prepare it a day before : it will be even better. Enjoy your meal!

Mimosa cake recipe with the Thermomix

Do you want to prepare a very easy mimosa cake without wasting too much time in the kitchen? Then try to make this dessert with the Thermomix!

  1. To begin, prepare the sponge cake: put 6 egg whites in the machine and whip them with the butterfly valve. 3 for about 3 minutes, then blend at speed. turbo 200 g of sugar and add the yolks, working them again with the butterfly for about 1 minute at 40°C, at vel. 3 .
  2. At this point remove the butterfly again and insert 200 g of flour: set the machine to vel. 4 for about 1 minute. All that remains now is to insert the 6 egg whites and a pinch of salt, leaving everything at vel. 2 for about 40 seconds.
  3. Bake the sponge cake at 180°C for about forty minutes, and in the meantime make the cream.
  4. Work 500 ml of whipped cream, 3 for about 2 minutes, then once it is whipped, keep it aside. Put all the other ingredients (450 ml of milk, 4 egg yolks, 60 g of corn starch, vanilla and 120 g of sugar) in the mixing bowl and cook for 5 minutes at 80°C, speed 1. 4 .
  5. When the cream is ready, incorporate the whipped cream with a kitchen spatula. At this point, all you have to do is prepare the syrup (boil 100 ml of water, then add a spoonful of sugar and a little liqueur) and compose your cake.
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Advice, conservation and variations

For a very captivating visual result, it is important to remove all the burnt or brown parts from the sponge cake: keep only the yellow ones, just like the mimosa.

When making the cream, on the other hand, it is essential that you pour the milk and cream mixture into the egg mixture and not vice versa because otherwise they risk cooking .

Keep it in the fridge for 3 days , taking care to take it out at least half an hour before enjoying it.

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