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Let’s turn the kitchen into a dairy: let’s find out how mozzarella is made

homemade mozzarella

If you have always wondered how to make mozzarella, we are about to reveal the few steps that separate you from your homemade cheese.

We know what you're thinking: those in the supermarket are so comfortable, why should I care how to make mozzarella? The reason is simple: have you ever tasted an artisan mozzarella ? Do you remember the full flavor and the amazing texture? Here, you can also get all this by preparing homemade mozzarella.

The process itself is not too complicated and if you have seen at least once one of the classic Sunday programs at noon you will have noticed it too. However, it takes a little patience and the right ingredients. The milk for example must be of high quality and high in fat, pasteurized. Then you will need the rennet for mozzarella that you can order online or at the pharmacy and finally some citric acid that can be replaced with lemon juice. Let's find out how mozzarella is made!

homemade mozzarella
homemade mozzarella

How to make the mozzarella recipe

  1. First, mix the rennet in a cup with 5 ml of distilled water until it has dissolved.
  2. In a cup, instead, add the lemon juice and 90 ml of cold distilled water , mixing well.
  3. In a sufficiently large pot, pour the milk and distilled water with the lemon juice and, still stirring with a whisk, bring it to 31 ° C. As soon as you notice that the milk begins to curdle, pour the first mixture of water and rennet and cook over low heat until it reaches 40 ° C.
  4. Remove the pot from the heat and let it rest for 15 minutes. During this time, the curd separates from the whey. You will have to cut it into squares with a blade and transfer it to a fine mesh colander where you will salt it with 10 g of salt, then folding it on itself to drain more whey.
  5. In the meantime, heat a rather large pot until it reaches 82 ° C , add the curd and continue to work it with a wooden ladle.
  6. Take the mass, give it the classic shape of mozzarella and transfer it to a bowl containing 300 ml of whey, 15 g of salt and ice and let it rest for 2 hours before serving.

Now that you know how to make mozzarella, we recommend that you try to prepare the caprese : you will feel what a difference!


Homemade mozzarella can be kept in whey for 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

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