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Light spinach burger, the perfect recipe for a vegetarian dinner

Spinach burger

Spinach burgers are a great substitute for meat for a light and tasty vegetarian dinner.

The light recipe for spinach burgers is a tasty idea to make the vegetables that not everyone eats with extreme pleasure more palatable. It will no longer be a challenge even to let the little ones eat them, especially if served in classic hamburger buns and stuffed with tasty sauces.

These veggie spinach burgers are born as a second course, but being essentially made up of vegetables they can also become an excellent side dish for red and white meats. We will tell you more … if you create small pieces from your burgers you can create an original idea for preparing aperitifs and buffets.

Buckle up your apron!

Spinach burger
Spinach burger

Preparation of the spianaci burger recipe

  1. Wash the spinach leaves and remove the stem. Then put them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and the garlic clove and sauté for 5 minutes .
  2. Remove the garlic and slice the spinach on a cutting board with a knife.
  3. Transfer them to a bowl and add the egg, grated Parmesan, salt and pepper.
  4. Mix and add a few tablespoons of breadcrumbs to compact everything without making it dry .
  5. Divide the mixture into two or three parts and form a round and flat hamburger with each about 1 cm thick.
  6. Grease a non-stick pan and put it to heat. Place the burgers and cook for 5 minutes on each side.

The spinach burgers are ready! The recipe also includes the possibility of using frozen spinach : in this case, cook them in lightly salted boiling water for 10 minutes ; then drain and sauté them in a pan with a drizzle of oil.

Variations and tips for spinach burgers

To make burgers crisper on the outside, bread them with an even layer of breadcrumbs on both sides. Baking in the oven instead of in the pan will make this dish even lighter: lightly brush the spinach burgers with oil and bake at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes until golden brown. You can replace the breadcrumbs with bread soaked in hot milk and then crumbled. If you love spices , you can enrich your hamburger mixture with the ones you like best.

The vegan version of the egg-free spinach burgers is recommended in two variations. You can simply replace the egg with 80 g of boiled potatoes which will compact the mixture, or make tofu and spinach burgers: instead of the egg, use 250 g of tofu chopping it together with the cooked spinach to be seasoned with salt and pepper. and any spices.


Store your burgers in the fridge for two days.

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