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Limoncello is a popular liqueur with an extremely fresh and pleasant flavour. Let's make it together according to the original recipe.

Typical of Campania, but now widespread throughout Italy, limoncello liqueur is an alcohol that is made with the peels of lemons and is perfect both to be enjoyed in company during an evening with friends, and to be served at the end of a hearty dinner. But its resources are infinite: in fact, with this preparation it is also possible to make delicious desserts , especially cakes and creams.

Knowing how to make a good limoncello means having something special to offer your guests to pleasantly surprise them with a typical product that is at the same time rich in flavour.

This liqueur is in fact known for its aromatic notes and sweetness which makes it unique in its kind. The ideal choice to end an evening in style or to treat yourself to something special in moments of relaxation.


Preparation of the limoncello recipe

  1. Start by washing the lemons with extreme care and paying particular attention to the peel.
  2. Dry them and peel them to remove the zest, making sure to take only the yellow part and avoiding the white part as much as possible which could make the liqueur bitter. If possible, it is preferable to use a ceramic knife or, alternatively, a potato peeler.
  3. Place the freshly obtained lemon peels in a glass jar and pour the alcohol over them.
  4. Close tightly with the lid (better to use airtight jars) and let everything macerate for at least two weeks in a cool, dry place. While waiting, you will have to remember to shake the jar at least once a day to mix the ingredients together.
  5. Once the time has passed, take a pan and dissolve the sugar in the water, bringing it to the boil, then turn off the heat and let everything cool.
  6. Take the liqueur and filter it slowly into the pan through a narrow mesh strainer.
  7. Add the sugar syrup and mix everything well and transfer it into a sterilized glass bottle .
  8. Store it for at least a month in a dark place that is also cool and, obviously, dry. This way you will get a really good limoncino according to the original recipe.

And here is a very easy video recipe for preparing this alcoholic delight:

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Homemade limoncello, if well closed and stored in a dark, dry place, can last for several months . Once opened, however, it will last about a couple of weeks .


The origin of the use of the term "limoncello" to designate a lemon-flavoured liqueur is probably a relatively recent combination, consolidated during the twentieth century . The precise history of this liqueur remains uncertain, even considering the commercial interests that gravitate around it; in fact, traders often claim its authorship for promotional purposes. The first documented mention of the term "limoncello" in reference to a liqueur seems to date back to the twentieth century.

American actor Danny De Vito played a significant role in spreading awareness of this liqueur in the United States, where it was previously practically unknown.

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