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Lip contour: what are the most effective creams and serums?

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The lip contour, as well as that of the eyes, needs care: let's see which are the best creams and the most suitable serums.

How to best take care of the lip contour? Like all other parts of the body, this one also needs attention. Specific creams and serums are able to perfectly hydrate this area and slow down the appearance of the so-called barcode wrinkles. Let's see which are the best products.

Lip contour cream: the best

The mouth is a very delicate area, which deserves the same attention as the other parts of the body. Subjected daily to movements, expressive or otherwise, and to atmospheric agents, it needs to be nourished and cared for. As if that weren't enough, over time this part produces less collagen and so-called barcode wrinkles begin to appear. Therefore, using ad hoc creams or serums is highly recommended.

In addition to the products you use daily for your beauty routine, it is also good to add a specific one, that is an anti-wrinkle lips . The latter, generally, is rich in oils that nourish and smooth the contour of the mouth. Among the most effective creams is Clarins ' Multi-Régénérante Baume Anti-Rides Lèvres et Contour, based on raspberry oil and shea butter. Equally good is Estée Lauder 's Perfectionist Pro Multi-Zone Wrinkle Concentrate, capable of fighting even the smallest sign of time. Do you want a two-in-one product? Opt for Collistar 's Ultra-Lifting Eye and Lip Contour Cream.

Lip serum: which one to choose?

Among the many serums, the Lift Integral Lip Plumping and Lip Contour Lifting Balm from Lierac promises surprising results. In addition to nourishing, in fact, it fills the most emptied areas. Alternatively, opt for BioNike 's Defense My Age Eye and Lip Renewing Serum or Somatoline Cosmetic 's Volume Effect Anti-Age Smoothing Eye and Lip Cream. Other products valid for fighting fine lines near the mouth are: Fast-Acting Anti-Wrinkle by Face D , Nuxuriance Ultra Eye and Lip Contour by Nuxe , Eye and Lip Cream by Rilastil and Eye Lip Contour by QC Terme .

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