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Little black dress, a timeless mini dress: the story and how to wear it in 2022

Black knitted dress

It is still tempting today as it was yesterday, continuing to write the history of fashion: this is why we cannot give up the little black dress even in 2022

We could use a series of metaphors to talk about the timeless and irreplaceable big toe of the little black dress: certain loves make immense turns and then come back , to put it in music, or simply we just need to think about that special relationship we have with friends who maybe we don't see for a long time, but when we see each other again it's as if we had seen each other every day. And there you have the certainty that you are facing an indissoluble bond, exactly like when, running out of ideas or hunting for something special, we meet the gaze of our little black dress in the wardrobe. Lightning strike! In 2022, a body chain, a belt, a necklace is enough – Audrey Hepburn teaches in Breakfast at Tiffany 's – and we are ready to conquer the scene, wherever we go!

Little black dress or little black dress: the story of a mini dress that lives on for ever and ever

We are in 2022 and in the eternal return of the same of fashion there are undoubtedly pieces that do not know the season, maybe evolution, update, but remain there immaculate in front of every trend. The little black dress, Coco Chanel's strategic idea in the 1920s, is a classic of women's fashion that has always known how to reinvent itself. Sporty, elegant, super sexy, romantic, it changes while remaining the same. Short, midi, long, we can always count on him.

Lady Diana who transformed it into a revenge dress , Audrey Hepburn and her iconic Givenchy, Madonna, Marylin, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, there is no icon in the world of costume who has not succumbed to its charm at least once. And today's icons like those of the past know very well how much this minimal chic dress is a must have in the perfect wardrobe for every season.

The little black dress today: the ispo looks of Elodie, Chiara Ferragni, Dua Lipa

And if in this holiday season you have decided to "recycle" and revive that little black dress that perhaps you haven't worn in a while, just take a look at Instagram to be fascinated by some look inspo that suggest how to wear and customize this evergreen piece in a contemporary style.

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Who is well aware of how incredibly sexy the short or long little black dress can be is Elodie . Not only in her videos but also on the occasion of events and evenings we have seen the singer focus on this must have, choosing models with a contemporary appeal embellished with lace slits or transparencies.

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Remaining in the musical parterre, where this dress often meets fortune, one of the latest models worn by Dua Lipa is more romantic and vintage: structured skirt and halter neck top in satin, a minimal but sensual mini dress with elegance.

In summer, in winter, in Chiara Ferragni 's wardrobe, black but also long mini dresses are an indispensable piece that she can also wear in a casual chic version thanks to her predilection for mix and match . Careful to always choose bright jewels that enliven black, she suggests how a hat can dilute the importance that this model retains by nature.

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