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Long-life foods: here are what they are

woman doing grocery shopping

Long-life foods are those that are subjected to treatments that allow them to last for a long time. Here are the most important to remember.

When we talk about long-life foods we mean those that have a distant expiration in time and therefore can be purchased and consumed even after months or years.
Foods that you can buy at the supermarket when you intend to stock up and that once in the pantry can remain there even for some time and all without deteriorating.

Long-life healthy foods

Let’s start with healthy foods that are always good to have at home and that can boast a long shelf life.

woman doing grocery shopping
woman doing grocery shopping

These include extra virgin olive oil , vinegar, milk , butter, Parmesan and other types of cheeses. This is followed by pasta (preferably wholemeal) and rice, crackers, breadsticks, salt and sugar (although it is not exactly considered healthy).

For everyday life, coffee, tea and herbal teas, biscuits, rusks, rye bread, tofu, soy and cereal-based drinks and then tuna should not be forgotten. glass, some types of pickles and tomato sauce. Finally, there are preserves, jams, honey and ghee which is a clarified butter that can last for several years without ever deteriorating.

Among the vegetables, carrots and potatoes are among the most resistant and they are also associated with garlic and onions.
Finally, don’t forget the spices that can last really long.
Long-life canned foods include meat, tuna (which is preferable in glass), beans and other foods. All this bearing in mind that these are substances that are a little less healthy than the others.

If you have a large freezer then there are frozen products that can last up to one or two years. Meat and fish, for example, can be bought in this form.
Finally, obviously water must not be forgotten, essential to live and able to be preserved for a long time.

How to store homemade food

If we are talking about long-life foods to survive, the possibility of making them also in a home version should not be forgotten. For example, you can prepare sliced ​​bread to be frozen. Which can also be done with pasta.

Homemade biscuits, if well preserved, can last up to three months while the vegetables can be washed and frozen, keeping well for over six months in order to be consumed when they are now out of season.

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