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Long, short and midi in bright shades: trends and models of 2023 wedding dresses

Ceremony dresses

Bright colors are among the trends you don't expect in 2023 formal dresses: let's find out which nuances and models we will wear

The wedding trends of 2023 bring a breath of freshness: there are certainly the nuances and classic models, not all of us want to dare and maybe some elegant dresses have been closed in the wardrobe for too long, but the invitation of fashion is once again that of daring. Just like brides and their dreamy and romantic models , we participate in upcoming ceremonies with the same desire to dream and fully enjoy the joy of the spouses and to wear a special dress for the occasion that allows us to celebrate according to our taste and sensitivity.

Wedding dress trends 2023, the bright nuances

They are those colors that when we enter a wedding dress shop we end up excluding them because maybe they seem too much. In fact, starting from fuchsia and electric blue , this year's new trend nuances, we are faced with colors that we fear may not suit everyone but if chosen by relying on the right shades, we could have some surprises.

– Pronovias, for example, has proposed a delicate, elegant fuchsia , on sheath or draped models: the effect – try to imagine a trio of bridesmaids like this too – is decidedly romantic, fun and sparkling , still suitable for a ceremony that holds during the day. In the evening instead, be daring with electric blue : nocturnal, sensual, decisive, even more beautiful when worn by brunettes.

– Enter the Olympus of brilliant nuances that you don't expect even emerald green : romantic, the most elegant of all which, on the occasion of a ceremony overlooking the sea, is a color that is decidedly in tune with the location and the atmosphere. A wonderful color with a whispered sensuality that is worth adding to your collection of clothes to re-wear.

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The 2023 models: bustier, halter neck, tunic, which ones to choose

The perfect dress is the one that marries perfectly with our physicality, enhancing every angle and curve that makes it unique: it is a fundamental consideration that we take into account when we choose a casual dress to wear every day and it is no different on the occasion of a ceremony, where indeed for an elegant and sophisticated dress it is an element that is not a detail. Beautiful, at ease and also comfortable: when you feel like this then you will be faced with the perfect dress and the variety of models that are teeming in the collections this year are proof of this.

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– The bustier model – given the great trend of corsets – is one of those that will most likely please everyone : it can be worn by both those with full breasts and those who don't, it delicately wraps the body and generally opens up into a full, longuette skirt or softly draped.

– The halter neck models to wrap around the neck are also back in great trend: it is a different declination of the empire model, characterized by a wide waist band . Recommended for those with full breasts by focusing on a wide bandage, thinner for those with small breasts but without tightening too much so as not to crush the breasts.

– With short batwing sleeves that fall slightly after the shoulders, sheer, romantic and Greek-style: these are the tunics , which open gently on the décolleté, dynamic and with pleated or draped skirts that fall gently along the legs. If you are short, models with slits are preferable.

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