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Low body temperature? Here are the causes and symptoms

low temperature

Low body temperature also known as hypothermia is a problem that is important to know thoroughly. Let's find out what there is to know.

When suffering from low body temperature, the body is subjected to a loss of heat that can be tolerated at certain temperatures and become a health hazard when these become too low. A lower body temperature than it should, in fact, can lead to impaired functions both for the brain and for the organism in general. For this reason, it is very important to learn to recognize the presence of a low basal temperature and understand why.

Hypothermia: the most common causes

Having the so-called low fever is indicative of something wrong with the body. This problem occurs mostly when you are in temperatures below zero degrees or when you stay for a long time in the rain, in cold places or exposed to wind and atmospheric agents that significantly lower the body temperature.

Going to other causes, the possibility of physical exhaustion, in which the body is no longer able to generate heat, must also be considered. Typically, hypothermia can also occur gradually . This occurs in subjects who cover little and who tend to live in cold and badly heated environments.

To avoid it, therefore, it is always very important to take care of the body temperature and the environment in which you spend most of the day.

How to recognize hypothermia and what to do

When the body temperature goes from 35 degrees to 32, we speak of hypothermia . And, in these cases, the symptoms are tremor, cold, purplish skin, rapid breathing, confusion, and slurred speech. In more extreme cases it can lead to fainting which can complicate things by bringing the temperature to lower further.

In the event of a sudden low temperature and these symptoms, it is therefore important to call your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room. Here, means can be put in place to raise the temperature. While waiting for an intervention from the outside, it may be useful to remove any wet clothing, cover the person suffering from hypothermia with something warm and offer hot drinks , except for alcohol which would make the situation much worse.

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