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Lucky girl syndrome: what it is and why everyone talks about it

happy girl

The lucky girl syndrome is a phenomenon that comes from social media but which has a major impact on the psyche. Let's find out what it is and what is important to know about it.

In recent years, many of the new trends (not just fashion or beauty) come from social media and in particular from tik tok. Here, among other things, we also talk about positive thinking and psychology. And, in this regard, the so-called "lucky girl syndrome" was recently born.
A trend born to attract luck and happiness and which is based on the idea that by starting to proclaim yourself lucky, saying you are lucky even if it is not true and living as such, luck will come for real.
As it is easy to understand, it is a trend that comes directly from the theories of positive thinking (and, if desired, from the law of attraction). It is therefore worthwhile to deepen it but with a careful eye. In some cases, in fact, it can act on the psyche in the wrong way.

How does lucky girl syndrome work?

The many theories based on positive thinking and the law of attraction explain how thinking positively and feeling in a given way you find yourself living differently and attracting what you imagine. A thought that many wellness gurus have been spreading for years and that according to many it really works.

happy girl
happy girl

Hence, the birth of the new tik tok trend which suggests, in fact, to live as if you were lucky to become one in a short time. A way of doing that comes directly from behavioral studies that teach how changing the neuronal network of thoughts can make a difference and move from a negative to a positive mode. The how is "simple".

To do this, you have to affirm to yourself that you are at peace, that you are well, that you are self-confident, that you are lucky and that you can do everything. Here, then, is that the positive effects of this trend really exist and translate into:

– Motivation
– Greater self-esteem
– Self-confidence
– Less stress
– Higher mood

However, it is important that the technique is implemented correctly. Without the right method, in fact, one runs the risk of obtaining completely opposite results , of becoming discouraged or facing misadventures due to the lack of knowledge dictated by too much positive thinking.

There are therefore many psychologists who, while supporting this theory, find it risky to implement it because of a trend. As always happens in these cases, in fact, a change must be practiced with the right method. Even better if supported (at least for the first time) by a professional.

What are the risks of this new trend

After having seen the positive effects of thinking and calling oneself lucky, the time has come to understand which mistakes should be avoided to ensure that everything works in the best possible way.
Saying you are lucky, in fact, is not enough. In order for the neural network to activate , it is essential to really feel this way. And succeeding, sometimes, is not so obvious.

Furthermore, it is important to always have our feet firmly on the reality that surrounds us. Thinking positive, therefore, does not mean throwing yourself into every possible situation without assessing the risks. It will only be by maintaining a good dose of rationality that positive thinking will be positive without causing damage.
Furthermore , claims should never distort reality . Otherwise, the risk is to develop a toxic positivity which in the long run could lead to anxiety problems or, in the worst case, dissociation from reality.

In summary, therefore, thinking positively to attract good luck is certainly a valid way of doing things. Negative emotions, however, should never be removed but listened to , elaborated and faced. At the same time, a sense of underlying reality must always be maintained. Only in this way will it be possible to hope for truly positive results and, above all, able to last over time and without causing any damage.

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