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Lumbar contracture: what it is and how to remedy it

lumbar contracture

Lumbar contracture is a more common problem than you think. Let's find out what it depends on and how to fix it.

The term lumbar contracture is intended to emphasize the presence of back pain located in the lower back area and which therefore affects the loin area. A problem that can occur for various reasons but that in any case it is always good to check in order not to encounter a worsening of the situation. So let's find out what are the main causes and how to remedy to relieve the feeling of having contracted back muscles.

What are the causes of back contracture

When you are facing a lower back pain that suggests a contracture, the reasons behind it can be different.

lumbar contracture
lumbar contracture

In general, the triggering factor almost always concerns incorrect movements or that have led to a contracture which, instead of resolving itself, has then remained worsening. In reality, often, it is a problem that occurs in people who are somehow predisposed. In any case, in the face of acute pain it is always good to contact your doctor.

If, on the other hand, you often suffer from this problem and have already ascertained that there is nothing to worry about, it is possible to resort to natural remedies to be associated with the right exercises which, of course, will be prescribed by a physiatrist or orthopedic doctor.

How to find relief from back muscle contracture

Generally, in front of an acute episode, the doctor tends to prescribe anti-inflammatories and painkillers to which he adds a good dose of rest. In more complex cases or those that tend to occur cyclically, physiotherapy aimed at strengthening the muscle area can be decisive. Heat treatments can also provide momentary relief and are able to relax the area, leading to slowly decontract it.

To all this you can also add natural remedies. Among these are the hot baths to be done in water enriched with sea salt and the Arnica cream to spread on the painful area. Even a good ginger pack may be able to provide relief. And to all this, a period of careful rest will obviously be added. And in which to refrain from efforts or movements unsuitable for the prevention of the lumbar area.

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