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Luxury Beauty Gifts: the genderless Twentynine Palms line by Jared Leto to amaze

Jared Leto

Add Twentynine Palms to your list of surprising and luxurious gift ideas and you will be remembered forever!

Gucci's Brand Ambassador since time immemorial – and even more in the Michele era that has just passed! -, we knew that Jared Leto had a certain taste for fashion and aesthetics, but we could never have imagined that he let himself be fascinated by the world of beauty to the point of entering it with a very tense leg! Instead it happened and this luxury and exclusive beauty line could go straight into the gift ideas of this Christmas 2022: a note highly recommended to those looking for original and unconventional and above all important gifts!

Christmas beauty gifts 2022: discovering Twentynine Palms, the beauty line by Jared Leto

Even if Jared Leto continues to claim that he has never been interested in beauty products, his perfect skin would confirm the opposite: the actor and singer has never hidden his precepts of a healthy life but evidently a beauty routine must somehow follow it, given that its first beauty line of products includes quite a few.

Twentynine Palms , which openly pays homage to the city of the same name at the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, is a tribute to the desert, but above all it is the declaration of a natural and genderless lifestyle. In fact, at the basis of the birth of this line there is the desire to invite those who buy it to take care of themselves in the most natural way possible. This is why the formulation of each of the products in the line, which ranges from face cream to eye contour, from masks to toning products, has been selected with extreme care.

“Since it is an extreme and unforgiving environment, these ingredients must be incredibly resistant to survive” , Leto said in an interview with Vogue, underlining the restorative power that characterizes the products which among the extracts include retinol, ceramides and fig d ' india, valuable for the reduction of dark circles.

How much and where to buy Twentynine Palms

It would seem easy to answer this question but in reality it is not. In fact, Jared Leto's beauty line maintains its exclusivity even in Google search, which does not refer to online or physical retailers where you can buy it. Instagram, on the other hand, starting from the brand's official page helps much more, because the site is the only place from which to view, choose and order the products that can be easily shipped to Italy.

Prices start from 35 euros for the purifying serum up to 156 euros for the skin care kit or 175 euros for the precious limited edition scarf, in perfect Leto style and characterized by the pastel tie-dye effect that recalls the nuances of the desert. The packaging is in black and purple and comes in an elegant and sophisticated allure. Whichever product you choose, the wow effect is guaranteed!

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