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Make up at 50: how to enhance the face

50 year old woman face

Natural, harmonious and intense: makeup at 50 is essential but accurate and careful to enhance our strengths

Those who have always believed that at the age of 50 make-up becomes a superfluous element of our look, it's time to change your mind completely. In fact, make-up – and the make-up artists affirm this firmly – changes with age, becomes lighter, prefers more delicate nuances, but always remains an essential component to enhance our face. So much attention is paid to creating a make-up that is harmonious and natural, which emphasizes the beauty of our maturity, and to do this we need to focus on a few but essential products that must never be missing.

Make-up at 50: the importance of a good base, never without foundation

Make-up addicts know this, they know a fundamental rule that applies to all ages: to create a good make-up you need to start from a well-made base on well-groomed and hydrated skin, a moment that calls for foundation, powder , blush, earth. It is often mistakenly thought that especially with age we can forget to put on a good foundation, but stars like J.Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow show us how it can enhance and make our skin shine.

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Which are the best? Second skin effect foundations are fluid, almost invisible, so light as to give our complexion a natural, unobtrusive and excessive colour. It is therefore better to avoid opaque, compact creamy or too opaque types. Much attention should also be paid to the choice of color, which is as close to the complexion as possible, neither too light nor too dark, absolutely without setting with powder, which would risk stealing the naturalness and luminosity of the texture of the chosen foundation. Yes instead to concealer and blush, but never too aggressive in nuance and texture: the effect must literally be “the make-up is there but you can't see it”.

Mascara and lipstick, the essentials to light up your eyes and lips

The gaze and the lips are two fundamental focuses of our make-up: not only because they determine the details of our make-up but also because it is to them that we entrust our personality and the task of emphasizing two crucial points of the face. Mascara is without a shadow of a doubt a must: black, intense, well spread and abundant, to be completed with a touch of blue mascara to be applied only to the tips of the lashes, to give the eyes a serene and lively allure.

The lipstick is also intense, even better if bright and bright red . Its charm can work wonders, such as hiding more pronounced dark circles, diverting the gaze from areas of the face where wrinkles are more evident and illuminating the gaze and face in its entirety. To avoid nude or gloss shades, the colors must be of an intense pink range, even fuchsia.

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