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Make up for hooded eyes: tips to avoid mistakes

eye makeup

Let’s find out how to make up hooded eyes in order to enhance the look. The tricks to put in place to succeed.

Many women find themselves wondering how to do hooded eye makeup. And all because the particular shape of the eye can make both the application of make-up and the right choice of colors and techniques difficult to implement. Fortunately, there are several strategies that can be implemented and everything to get a magnetic gaze thanks to a trick that is able to enhance it in the right way.

Hooded eyes: the remedies to be implemented with make up

The first thing to understand when you have the problem of hooded eyes is that these should not be hidden or cared for less than other parts of the face . Indeed, the real secret is precisely to focus everything on this part, giving greater prominence to the look.

eye makeup
eye makeup

To do this, you just need to focus everything on the proportions trying to lengthen the eyelids with creams and with a make-up that aims to enlarge the lashes. For these, it will be necessary to use a double mascara or, for those who use it, to apply long lashes that expand the eye horizontally. In this way the result will be that of magnetic and incredibly beautiful eyes.

Going to the actual makeup, one that suits all of this perfectly is, without a doubt, smokey eyes . This will obviously have to aim to enlarge and widen the eye, highlighting it in a natural way and making it appear larger and wider. An effect that with a natural and tone-on-tone make-up will appear even more pleasant.

How to heal hooded eye brows

Another aspect that should never be underestimated is that of the eyebrows. In order not to focus attention on the visible and often hidden eyelid, it is therefore important to take care of the eyebrows in order to make them thick.

In this way, a game of balance will be created that can make the difference and offer a harmonious and never predictable overall effect. Go ahead, therefore, with thick eyebrows but always lightly made up and never too marked. The effect should be as natural as possible.

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