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Manuka honey: a true marvel of nature

Manuka honey

Manuka honey, originally from New Zealand, is a fabulous natural remedy also used by the Maori to reduce all kinds of ailments. Let's discover its many properties.

Manuka honey is a monofloral honey obtained from the plant of the same name native to New Zealand . The properties of this specific type of honey are many and, among other things, make it perfect for treating gastroesophageal reflux , ulcers and inflammation. Once upon a time, in fact, it was even used by the Maori , both as food and as a natural remedy to heal wounds and burns. The boundless properties of Manuka honey, however, do not end there. Let's find out, therefore, which are the most important and why this ingredient is considered so precious.

What are the properties and benefits of Manuka honey

Manuka honey is rich in mineral salts (copper, manganese, iodine and iron), in antibacterial substances such as germicidin and folic acid, in group B vitamins and in vitamins A, C, E and K. What characterizes this particular type of honey is the presence of an antibacterial agent ( Methylglyoxal or MGO MethylGlyOxal), an all-natural active ingredient found in antibiotics.
Manuka honey is found on the market based on its Methylglyoxal content and its concentration within the product, a concentration which can vary from 100 to 550 milligrams for each kilo of honey. This product is naturally lactose, cholesterol, gluten and histamine free.

Manuka honey
Manuka honey

Going to its properties, Manuka honey is considered the ideal natural remedy to improve health. Among other things it has a lower glycemic index than sugar. Nonetheless, however, it remains extremely energetic, which is why it is preferable to consume it in small quantities.
Among the positive effects that you have by including it in your diet, there are:

– Prevents tumors
– Counteracts diabetes
– It is friendly to the eyes
– Reduces systemic inflammation
– Helps balance the intestinal bacterial flora
– Helps soothe inflammation of the esophagus caused by chemotherapy
– Prevents gingivitis
– It is a good medicine for wounds, burns and diabetic foot ulcers
– Check high cholesterol
– Helps soothe gastrointestinal problems

Among the side effects there are possible allergies in people allergic to bees, interactions with some drugs and the risk of hyperglycemia if you exaggerate with the quantities.

Manuka honey, a true anti-reflux miracle

Manuka honey is also perfect for treating gastroesophageal reflux which causes simple heartburn, but also very annoying pains. Finding foods that don't make these ailments worse is difficult to say the least (even if it is possible to follow a suitable diet), but this honey can prove to be a real panacea. Indeed, with its healing and anti-inflammatory properties , it acts against this ailment and relieves it, while protecting the entire tract.

In case of disorders related to gastroesophageal reflux , it is advisable to take a teaspoon of pure honey right before meals, up to three times a day and always in small quantities.

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